Thursday, October 15, 2020

SARS and The Failed Nigerian State

Today I was planning to write a narrative about my long wishes to die and how I have been waiting to die since I was 6 years old but for the past few days there have been protests ongoing throughout Nigeria and I feel that I must write about this topic. Now, this is a sensitive topic for a few reasons because it is where I was born and lived for 9 years before coming to America, but also because I have been a very vocal opponent of the Nigerian government as it has been led by satanic forces of “Black” Freemasons (I call them Nigger Freemasons) and Jewish allies and the Igbo Jews who helped to defeat the desired plans and wishes of my own Igbo tribe for freedom away from the Nigerian, satanic government during the Biafran War. Now that same land is now engulfed with protests about police brutality due to the SARS program that targets the vulnerable in that society, the army is about to be unleashed and there are now concerns that more violence will proceed. I have been talking to my cousins about why they are wasting their time with these protests. Unless the protests lead to the end of the Nigerian state, then the protests are a waste of time. Just like the blacks here in America, the Nigerians do not have anything connecting them to the failed unified state. The borders of Nigeria were imposed upon them by the satanic “White” Freemasons of the British Empire and they forced over 500 ethnically and culturally linguistic groups to live together in a way that was always foreign to them. People from all of the Nigerian tribes have wanted to break away from the federal Nigerian government, but the truth is that the army (funded and led by Nigger Freemasons and Jewish allies) are determined to put an end to any nationalistic aspirations of any of the Nigerian people. The time has come for the Nigerian people to rise up, risk their very lives, and finally end the failed state of Nigeria so that all of the Nigerian people can have the right of self determination and all tribes can have their own carved up states to determine the course of their own futures. If that does not happen, expect to see more economic and political ruin in the upcoming months and years. But this can end, if the Nigerian people stand up with courage, take up arms, and fight for their freedom against an entity that seeks to destroy them. It is the same mistakes that the “Blacks” refuse to do; they refuse to take their case to the United Nations Human Rights Council and frame their grievances as a cause of human rights violations. If the various tribes of Nigeria did this with the courage to take up arms to overthrow and dismantle the failed Nigerian state, then all of the madness ends. I am excited to see what will happen in the next few months and years if God allows me to continue to do so. Until then, I hope that these words that I have written will inspire others to take up the mantle to fight against all injustices plaguing this world. May God grant us all strength to throw off the bounds of our oppressors and to secure a viable future for all of mankind!

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