Saturday, October 31, 2020

Re-Write The American Constitution To Save The Nation


Earlier today, I went to an autoshop to fix my car's back brakes and I ran into an old Palestinian friend and we began to talk about the 2020 elections. I told him that it matters not who will win, though I did admit that Joe Biden will be selected (not elected) as president, that the nation has been in severe decline for decades and that most people who have the ability to do so should make plans to flee the land and move to another country. Yet I was also given pause to wonder while I was able to convince this young man to adopt the glory of nihility and the glory of the empty world to come; whether the nation could be saved and while I am skeptical that such an idea could happen, I am also interested in seeing if such an action can occur. The only way to save the land will be to formally sit down and re-write in complete dissection the American constitution to fix its many flaws. The truth is that unless that happens, the American experiment will end and the nation will simply cease to exist as a “United” States and will simply become “red” and “blue” states. The changes that need to be made are as follows: remove the electoral college, ban any and all forms of lobbying for political parties and political ideologies, adopt ranked choice voting in all levels of elections, eliminate any monetary contributions to elections, and abolish the senate. These are some very small changes but they can be done if the nation has the political willpower to enact such changes. Most American idiots do not even understand that the reason that they have an electoral college is because the slave states wanted their slaves to count as three-fifths of a person to counter the large “free” population. It is that very entity that still exists today and has never been tackled. The issues of the first civil war were never really solved as the southern states re-entered the union but still refused to abide by all of the laws. The truth is this: until the evils of so called white supremacy is fully stamped out of the land in all of its forms, the nation will never embrace all of its tenets of the constitution which states that “all men are created equal”, which of course does not exist in nature but alas it exists in the nation's governing document. That is why the so called modern day Republicans are merely the southern Democrats who lost the first civil war, they merely changed parties after the 1960s civil rights movement. Unless the constitution is rewritten the nation will no longer exist, but as I am also given pause to wonder, I don't believe that the disillusion of the nation will be a bad consequence and outcome as the natural order already dictates that if you refuse to fix or repair any broken system and continue to allow the continuance of such systems it will collapse under its own weight of failure. I believe that once the nation collapses and the evil monetary and military systems also collapse, it will lead to a better life for those who have sacrificed much of their lives to try and save the nation. Maybe their sacrifice will not be in vain but I have already fully created my plans to leave the land when I was 23 about 11 years ago and that plan is going according to how I have created it. With the help of God almighty, it shall become fully realized in a few more short years but until it is fully realized, I will stay here to fully document the collapse of the once great American empire and to warn other nations and people to NOT adopt its own evil systems but to instead create a system centered around the love of Christ and not in the same failed manners of satanists.  Besides, an ancient document like the Constitution was never meant to last this long as even one of its writers Thomas Jefferson stated that it should be rewritten ever 19 years. Now at over 200 years the time has come but sadly there is no political willpower to do what is necessary to save the nation so I gladly stand by while it is destroyed as it has been in decline for several decades. This is something to think about as well as the simple fact that the Ku Klux Klan, group formed during the reconstruction years after the first civil war is still allowed to remain intact inspite of their multiple crimes of violence towards minorities throughout the land. But what would one expect from white idiots in the land of the "free"?

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