Saturday, October 17, 2020

Kamala Harris: The Power Behind The Biden Presidency


History always repeats itself and it is one of the ways that all shall be revealed. Such is also one of the fatal flaws of the rulers of the American state as they continue to show their hand in how they wish to push the nation towards “progress” under Jewish supremacy. Just like Barack Obama was “elected” in 2008 as the nation's first “black” president, Kamala will be pushed into the White House as the first “black” woman president. Let me be very very clear about the matter at hand; first of all, Obama was NEVER black in the sense of the majority of his ethnicity being of African origins. Obama's father's birth certificate stated that he was 87 percent Arabic and 13 percent African origins. Based on that fact, Obama himself is only 6 percent African, 46 percent Arabic, and 50 percent White origins; so he is mostly of European and Arabic origins and thus is NOT even white in the first place. Secondly, Kamala is only in this position as Vice President to be (she will be the first female vice president once Biden is selected to the office) due to her origins of being Jamaican, but most folks forget that just like Obama, she is culturally NOT of black origins as she was named after her Indian heritage. As usual, most human idiots seem to forget that your so called race is never a factor in how successful you will be in life, it is your class status that gives you more opportunities to be successful in life; I will use myself as an example. I was born into a wealthy Igbo family and was fortunate to be raised by my grandmother. I was blessed to be taught in a private school at the age of 3 so that by the time that I was 6 years old, I knew how to perform all basic mathematics operations, read, write, and spell, and write complete sentences. My grandmother, also came from wealth, and knew that education was the key to building upon a successful future. It was that entry into a wealthy family that built my chances to gain better opportunities and to take advantage of such opportunities as I have progressed in life. Such people who aren't born into such wealth aren't afforded the opportunities because they didn't have the proper tutelage and the stability to withstand the onslaught of the difficulties of this life. Obama and Harris were gifted such opportunities and as such they were able to attend prestigious colleges and used their wealth to gain influence. 

Now this is where things get very interesting; both Obama and Harris have been aligned with Jewish interests their entire lives. I have already covered how the Niggerhead Obama surrounded his entire presidential cabinet with Jews and Masons and I already know that such will happen under Joseph Biden, but such will also occur under the future presidency of Kamala Harris in 2024 as she is clearly being handpicked and guided and trained to follow in the evil footsteps of Obama and continue to lead the American state into the future of multiculturalism with the so called blacks being used as puppets. Must I remind these same black idiots that Harris is married to a Zionist Jew Douglas Emhoff who has made millions by manipulating real estate deals that enslaves Harris' fellow black and brown people. And let's not forget the fact that Harris openly jailed and ruined the lives of millions of black men and women in California during her term as that state's district attorney. Such is the nature of the Jewish conspiracy, the plans never change; it is always the same old divide and conquer. The question is what kind of opposition to such a plan will even unfold. I do not see that happening as more and more Americans are staying away from the voting booths these days as they are slowly awakening to the fact that the 2 party system is merely a Jewish/Masonic corporate flavor of Coke and Pepsi. Both drinks are terrible for your health and both drinks will ultimately destroy your health but they will do it at different rates and will taste the same after enough of both have been consumed by your system. Joe Biden merely exists to facilitate the transition to a Harris presidency as he has already stated that he will only be a one term president, so expect the same old nonsense of American politics and their version of Kabuki theater where the Jewish media machine will fawn all over these candidates who will promise the sky and the moon and yet betray their very constituents merely for more money for their own pockets. 

This is why I left the realm of politics at the young age of 23 as I saw very quickly after nearly dying from lung surgery that the entire system was willing to let me die merely to profit off my very life. I did my research and saw that it was merely Jews and Masons all enslaving us all and profiting from our demise. I also saw, 2 years ago, that God through Christ will save your soul as that is what I dedicate my time towards; to merely inform others through this site to withdraw from the politics of this evil world and to merely focus their attention on His kingdom after they leave this world and make sure that they are one of God's Elect. For in the end, that is all that matters as the Jews and their evil allies will have this world, but we can still reign supreme with Christ in peace for an eternity. I hope that someone in this evil world can have some empathy for others when the end draws near for humanity.

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