Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Jewish Supremacists Argue “Neo-Nazi Imagery and White Supremacism Deserve to be Classified as Terrorism”

There was a webinar recently held by the AJC (American jewish Committee) wherein three “experts” (jewish supremacists) kvetched about how awful it is now that lots of “goyim” are speaking about against jewish power.

From Algemeiner:

On the “Advocacy Anywhere: Coronavirus, Conspiracy Theories, and the Current State of Global Antisemitism” webinar held via Facebook and Zoom, Katharina von Schnurbein — the European Commission’s coordinator on combating antisemitism — noted that conspiracy theories blaming Jews for the coronavirus were “dangerous not only because they create an atmosphere for the Jewish community that is very unpleasant,” but also “we know that conspiracy myths have translated into attacks in the past.”

So conspiracy theories can result in violence so they must be banned? Well, what about all the anti-White conspiracy theories put out every single day in the jewish media – don’t they translate into the real-life attacks we have been seeing?

She noted that new regulations on combating hate speech online had been adopted by the EU and “what will be the next step is to ensure this is not only done on a European level, which is important, of course, but unless it trickles down and every mayor, every school director understands what needs to happen, there will be no change for the Jewish community. So, this will be the challenge now.”

They are showing how much real power that they have, despite being only a small percentage of the population in Europe and the US. However, if you talk about their obvious power, you should be arrested for terrorism!

Algeimeiner covers the remarks from Nikita Malik, director of the Center on Radicalization and Terrorism at the Henry Jackson Society in the UK, who says she is struck by the “difference between hate crimes legislation — which is what is usually used in the United Kingdom for antisemitic hatred and antisemitic violence in the real world — and terrorism legislation.”

Neo-Nazi imagery and white supremacism deserve to be classified as terrorism, because it is that serious. It’s not hate crime, it’s not an opinion against a certain category of people, it’s actually looking to enact violence and often eradicate an entire group of people. It’s very serious and it has a political objective, and as a result, it deserves to be designated.”

This is insane. Posting a meme of some SS guys or defending White rights will be considered terrorism if these jews have their way. Posting such things online can already get people locked up for lesser offenses in certain places around the world.

Holly Huffnagle, the AJC’s US director for combating antisemitism, wanted to reassure her audience that they would not be violating first amendment rights be silencing critics of jewish power online, since the Silicon Valley companies controlled by jewish supremacists are “private” businesses.

If I post something or say something that goes against those tech companies’ rules, it’s not a freedom of speech issue, its actually a corporate responsibility issue for them to clean out their platforms.”

White people are being “cleaned out” (ethnically cleansed) from their own countries by jewish supremacists, and if we say anything about it, we are “cleaned out” from social media as well.

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