Monday, October 26, 2020

Jewish Supremacist Group Condemns Auction of Hitler Speeches in Germany

Speech notes handwritten by Adolf Hitler were sold for €34,000 at a Munich auction house, despite anger from a European Jewish supremacist group.

One nine-page manuscript, which outlined a 1939 speech the Führer gave to new military officers in Berlin, sold for well above its starting price.

The items in the auction, dating back to before the outbreak of the Second World War, were for speeches to National Socialist organisations and contributors, and referred to Germany's war preparations and the Jewish problem.

All were bought by anonymous bidders.

Bernhard Pacher, the managing director of the Hermann Historica auction house, defended Friday's sale, saying they were of historical significance and should be preserved in a museum.

But the head of the Jewish supremacist European Jewish Association (EJA) said the decision to sell the notes "defies logic, decency and humanity".

Pacher said in an interview earlier this week: "If we destroy these things and they do not go into a museum for experts to work on them, you will leave the interpretation of what was happening to the right-wing Nazi apologists, who will say Hitler never said that.

The Jewish supremacists previously criticised the Hermann Historica auction house in November 2019 over plans to sell personal items belonging to NS leaders including Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring.

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