Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Could Violence Be The Answer? The Case For Eugenics In The COVID-19 Era




Earlier in the week, I was contemplating what to write about as I began to work my new schedule of 75 hours a week, 7 days a week, 3 different jobs just to try and stay ahead in the abysmal American economy where the cost of living continues to skyrocket without any help from anyone. I was sitting down and scrolling through my news feed on various social media sites when the topic of COVID-19 and the abysmal American response to the pandemic. I ran across several articles on the matter (that I have included in my own personal narrative here) and they all stated that the cult of the individual that glorifies selfishness, gluttony, and greed has led to the rapid cases and death rates of the COVID virus because Americans refuse to make sacrifices for the greater good of society. Now to be fair, this is not ALL Americans since there are good, kind, and selfless people within this society but it has become very apparent to those of us that there is a significant amount of people (I would argue around 30 percent of the population but the number could be higher) that would gladly spread the virus to others in the name of their “freedoms” to engage in greed and gluttony while their fellow humans are suffering. And it is these people that need to be simply removed from society so that a return to “normalcy” can resume for the rest of humanity. 

This is where I will get many people to disagree with me and my strong belief in Eugenics, a way to transform any society to make it a better society for all of mankind. It is what the Chinese did during the rise of Mao and throughout their current history from the 1950s till today where they are now a rising and soon to be super power of this world. For even the oldest civilization knew that there were weak elements in their society that must be purged so that their nation could advance forward. Such an idea was preached strongly in western societies in the early 20th centuries but they were abandoned for the sake of so called political correctness and the myth of “equality”. And now look at where we are in society, where people with very low IQ's are allowed to have a say in governance over the strong and the highly intelligent while the world continues to descend into madness and chaos so that a small minority can continue to enjoy their sinful, evil ways. While I have openly admitted that the Chinese are led by the same satanic forces as the American government, there is something to be admired about their direct approach to solving problems and making sure that such problems never come back again to effect the progress that a society can make. And to think that poverty could be simply eliminated from human kind by simply sterilizing those on government assistance and creating a form of universal basic income so that real income of capitalist societies can start from a number greater than zero. But alas, maybe that can be a dream. Just imagine such a world where a utopia can exist where a lock down was created which would last 4 months and then slowly reopen the economy so that the virus cannot spread. Those who oppose such an order would simply be killed and large areas of the nation would simply be bombed to death and their supporters would also face the guillotine as well. That would in one famous swoop end the sins of greed and gluttony for those who wish to engage in evil while the rest who love God will simply be allowed to continue to live their lives in peace. 

 Of course most Americans would be opposed to such “extreme” ideas but nothing else has been working, so why not turn to more unorthodox methods to solve the problems created by mankind? It would also be a great testing ground to finally wither down the overpopulation throughout the land and throughout American cities as well. I have been working on my long awaited book called The Eugenics Dogma, a simple approach to remake this world into a better world for those who still think that it can be saved. Fortunately for mankind, my book will not be published until after I leave this earth as the satanic forces in this world would kill me for “inciting violence” so it will be published in another location and distributed throughout the world for others who know the truth and the beauty of the Eugenics Program and how to make the world a better one. I gave up on humanity long ago when I accepted The Peace of God and now live my remaining days with the hopes that all of my good that I have done on earth will reunite me with my grandmother, the only person who ever truly loved me the way that I deserved. But until that day comes, I will use my words to inspire others to take up the mantle of truth and freedom to fight the satanic forces (Jews, Masons, and their allies) of this world. Still, there is hope that with global warming and climate change, this world won't have but maybe less than 50 years left until it is completely destroyed as intended by God. So the plans of Eugenics might not need to be carried out just yet. Still a blueprint shall be made for those who wish to wage such a war to make this world a better one, free from the evils created by the satanic forces who have led and ruined so many lives and generations to come.

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