Saturday, October 31, 2020

America Will Be A One Party State Thanks To The White Idiot Donald Trump

I am going to do something that I rarely do on this site and that is I will try for an article not to talk about the Jewish problem as it relates to the daily political life here in America. That means that I will do a short political synopsis of what will happen on November 3rd, the day of the elections and state why Trump will lose and its impact on the national elections and politics for a minimum of 10 years to come. Earlier last week, a Republican senator came out and blasted the white idiot Trump for his handling of the COVID-19 virus, his desire to appoint a conservative judge before aiding the financial well being of the American people, his toxic nature that he has brought to the nation's political system, his corruption that favors his family, and the overall division of the nation. Of course, Trump does what he always does and blast the person on Twitter much to the delight of his white idiot base. What is not talked about often in politics here in America is that the entire Republican party is more divided than the Democrats when it comes to their president. It is quite obvious that the white idiot base in the Republican party loves Trump but the political elite of the same party has always hated him. All of this came to ahead when it came to negotiations with the Democrats on the issue of a second set of stimulus payments. The Republican party does not want to give out a second stimulus check to the American people, but Trump and the Democrats are in support of this. In fact, Trump was willing to go over the 2 trillion dollars that the Democrats proposed as he knew that he had no chance to get re-elected if he did not get money into the hands of the people but his own party does not want to spend any money at all which was why all they offered was 500 billion dollars and none of that included stimulus checks to the people. 

It will be quite clear that once Trump loses on November 3rd, this will be another key reason why. Now, I will also be very clear with this statement: I fully expect the Democrats to fully control all 3 branches of government when January 20, 2021 begins as they will begin the efforts to battle and defeat the pandemic, try and fix the economy, and begin to unify the nation. But what is not often spoken about is the immediate and long term ramifications that this will have on the political process. I have already stated that I fully expect for the electoral college to be torn down or remodeled to reflect the popular will of the people, for the supreme court to get additional judges to ward off the political conservative plans, and for 4 more senator seats to be added to the senate as Washington D.C. And Puerto Rico will be added to the union as 2 more states which would give the Democrats 4 extra senate seats to fully allow them to consolidate their power over the land for the next 10 years at a minimum. All of this could have been avoided had the Republican party simply said no to Trump and either removed him from office or simply not endorsed his presidency but they were more concerned about defeating the Democrats and now they will be a defunct party for a minimum of 10 years. They are headed for a bloodbath and a full collapse on the polls on November 3rd, 2020 and they have no one to blame but themselves for ever allowing a proud narcissist white idiot who has never ever had any political experience to actually lead not only their party but also this nation. When idiots embrace other idiots it will always end badly. All that I can say for the Republicans is to sit back and think of England as they have collapsed their own party and have stained their entire political careers. That is the natural order as when you refuse to listen to my wisdom and words, you always get destroyed. It is what they deserve, their utter destruction for refusing to listen to my words of wisdom and now they are going to be in a political desert for years to come. All of this thanks to their endorsement of a white idiot by the name of Donald Trump.

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