Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Legacy of Adolf Hitler

I am very well aware that today marks the start of the presidential “debates” here in the United States but I will not even try to mention that nonsense in this post as we all know that it is only a matter of what kind of Jewish flavor you wish to swallow. Either way, the flavor will be very distasteful to your tongue and you will very very very quickly regret whichever choice that you make. I have already stated since March of this year that the next president that will be selected, not elected, will be Joseph A. Biden, whether people like it or not. Even if you waste your vote on Trump, you will STILL have Joe Biden as your president. Either accept that, get over it, and move on with your life! There is a reason that I never cast a vote because I already know how these things turn out because I know how the political climate and how the voting system works. I have predicted all the presidential elections since I have been examining politics since 2004 and I have called them all, even the selection of Donald J. Trump as president since the nation has always been run by Jews, Freemasons, Satanists and all of their evil allies. Now those who already know this also know how these came to be as they have been following my website for the past 6 years, I share a birthday with Adolf Hitler and while I will admit that he made many mistakes including trying to deport the Jews, I have been resolute to the fact that he did not kill 6 million Jews but that Jews did die in World War 2 but nowhere near the accepted 6 million number. And even if 6 million Jews did die, what about the millions more Russians, Chinese, Germans, etc? Why does the number of dead Jews outnumber or out gain the loss of lives on both sides of that war? It is almost as if that war was meant to justify the current outcome of this world as it stands constructed today but slowly and surely the world is changing as many people have come to the realization that Hitler was right on some of his topics especially on the topics of economic reforms. I only wish that he had implemented the policies of the Byzantine Empire in how he dealt with the Jewish problem. The solution to the Jewish problem has nothing to do with violence or even deporting them from their current place of residence. Simply allow them to reside in their places and to worship or to not worship; however, they must have no impact in any shape or form over the nation's economics, politics, culture, education, entertainment, finance, law, government, law making bodies, any lobbying power, and essentially reduce them to merely residents of the state in confined areas where they are not allowed to cause problems for other people throughout the land. There are vast reasons as to why the true history of the Byzantine Empire has been withheld and why they were able to stand true for more than 1000 years but ultimately succumbed to invading armies of Islamic invaders of the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Yet this entire post has nothing to do with the Byzantine Empire and everything to do with the legacy that Adolf Hitler left this world. First, he left this world with a war that lasted 6 years that yielded a loss but also showed the world that the German people had the courage to stand up to Jewish plans of enslavement of their people and would try to show the world a better way, a better plan to tackle the economic problems of the 1930s. Yes, in World War 2, the casualties of the Allied Powers was more than that of the Axis powers, especially that of the Third Reich and their members were highly decorated and are still receiving their military pensions much to the chagrin of German Jews in German society. I must remind people that all modern day history merely is an agreed upon fable between the winners of all wars as they decided what would be told to present and future generations. It is what has led me to champion The Cause for Historical Revisionism as an art of mine and why I first pursued a degree in History to examine the lies of the past and to correct those lies to make this world a better place for the future for all of mankind. However, when one also examines the current economic policies of all Social Democracies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, etc, they all took their spiritual heritage and economic ideas of economic freedom from policies of the Third Reich. Such policies like universal healthcare, job training, pensions, retirement, care for the disabled, etc, all economic/social safety nets that are present in all Industrialized First World nations all took root first in the economic policies of The Third Reich. It is this fact that is often glossed over when we study the history of the Third Reich here in America as they STILL, more than 75 years later, demonize the ideals that Adolf Hitler fought for. Hitler, contrary to what the lies were told of him, was a man who loved all people including Jews, Africans, Orientals, and Arabs. Yes, we are told of the lies of the 6 million dead Jews but please note that fact that over 100,000 German Jews fought for the Third Reich and they were defended as good men by the Fuhrer because they shared a common enemy in Communism. Hitler hated both Capitalism and Communism and saw National Socialism as the best way forward, merely the positives of socialism, national heritage, and an economic partnership between labor and business to provide a better way for the nation and its people. Such an idea was actually fostered here in America as well under FDR but everyone knows that FDR New Deal policies was designed to save capitalism not to end it with a new economic plan. Now we have this neo-liberal economic policies that treats human life as mere cattle, to be destroyed and slaughtered for the sake of cheap, temporary profits for corporations and people are noticing this and are starting to rebel by not participating in the fraud of “democratic elections” (the ones who cast the votes determine nothing in these elections, the ones who count the votes determine everything so it is enough for people to know that an election even exists) and they are trying to find new ways. I actually wrote a long article about how capitalism can be saved with a combination of a real social safety net taxed at 50 percent for all citizens, a universal basic income of 2,000 dollars a month, an actual national healthcare universal coverage system, job training and universal education, and an actual retirement program for the disabled and elderly. Such an idea is not even radical except to the minds of white idiots here in America who soon will probably not even matter as their days are clearly numbered throughout the world.

The alliance forged by FDR New Deal “capitalism” where a man with very little education could afford to provide for a family of 5 or 6 with only one source of income with a highly specialized industrial background is gone as the advent of the service based economy and the rise of automation has made it necessary to learn technology and to learn new skills which are not applicable to those of low income backgrounds have all disappeared and the sad truth is that those jobs are NEVER coming back. But do not tell that to the American white idiots who still vote in these idiotic elections in hope that they will come back after all of the selected presidents all promise the same thing. In fact, the only reason Trump even got elected was because he was the first Republican to promise universal healthcare to the American people, a promise that I laughed at because I knew that he couldn't deliver on such a promise because his very own party is against such an idea. Yet as I have told people, idiots shall remain idiots about many topics and have chosen their own destruction and demise; all I simply do is report on their own destruction and warn others not to follow along their own path of self destruction. The truth is that Hitler began a process of modern economics that is still being practiced today in many Social Democratic nations where the state takes an active role in making a more equitable society for all of its citizens. Such a notion is lost in America as there are no real attributes that ties them to each other at all and as I have told them all, it is best to leave the nation to be destroyed or wait for the apocalypse and for the Lord to come and take His Elect into heaven because there is no salvation for mankind on this planet. Such is a bleak reality for many as I myself now work 75 hours a week, working 3 jobs, to stay out of poverty and to keep myself busy with hopes that my newly diagnosed skin cancer will finally end my life and I will be reunited with the only person who ever truly loved me, my beloved grandmother. That is all I live my life for, in hopes to become one of God's Elect and to join my grandmother in heaven away from the evil men and women of this evil world. In the very least, I can provide a blueprint for those who wish to save this wicked world what must be done. God gave us both Jesus and Hitler as people to save humanity and the Jews killed them both; which is not a surprise as they are of their father the devil and will always stand against both God and God's children. Maybe God will deliver the second coming of Jesus in my lifetime but I know that I have a few short years at most left on this planet. Maybe a 3rd World War will bring out the much needed change that this world needs to cleanse itself of the Jewish problem and all the evils that the second world war caused or maybe climate change will finally destroy this world as I have long hoped. At least there is hope in the afterlife for those who have left this evil world behind forever.

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