Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Emergence Of The Biden Coalition

As the rest of the nation continues to “discuss and debate” what will happen prior and after the November 3rd election, I have already shown my own brilliance and have moved onto what will happen to the American state starting in January 2021. First of all, Donald J. Trump will lose the election and not only shall he lose but the entire House and Senate shall be fully controlled by the Democratic Party and he will not accept the results, he will refuse to leave the White House, and the Secret Service will escort him from the White House after Joseph A. Biden is selected as president of the United States. It is what will happen, people can either accept that and get over themselves or they can try to fight the natural order and end up dead as the natural order dictates. Now that the next two months have been foretold, I also am here to state that there will be some minor changes to the nation as it has become apparent to anyone with even half a mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has to be defeated for the United States to return to some kind of normal functioning society. That means that some kinds of economic and social reforms must take place or else the pandemic will destroy the land forever. The leaders of this nation (Elitist Jews and White Freemasons) will not let the nation self destruct; they will do what was done during the Great Depression. They will make small economic changes while retaining much of the power so that the masses of society will be satisfied and a new order will emerge starting in 2021. In the following links I have shared, I came across a YouTube channel called Second Thought and while I might not agree with all of his ideas, he is correct in that the nation has so many problems that it might not be able to fix them all in the next 4 years, but at the very least economic inequality can be addressed so that the rest of American societal problems can slowly be alleviated overtime.

The Biden coalition, that is the unified front of American political leaders from both Republican and Democratic parties will lead the way to making some changes to the nation so that they can not only defeat the virus but they will build back better and begin to take care of some of the needs of the American people. Spending will increase as will taxes as the upper elites of American society will be taxed more to pay for government programs to ease the economic and health burdens of the virus. A public health option will be added to the Affordable Care Act that will cover 97 percent of Americans, the only catch is that you will have to pay for this public healthcare cost but it will be cheaper than private health insurance and will allow many Americans who wish not to enroll in their employer's healthcare coverage to opt for the lower price of the public health option which will bring down the costs of pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical care, etc and be a form of universal healthcare without the need for the Medicare for All. Some student debts will be forgiven, I would reckon to say at least $10,000-$20,000 of student loan debt to help some of the young millennials which would be a start to making higher education more affordable for some people. The minimum wage will increase to $15 an hour; this is a very controversial move as I have never supported the idea of a minimum wage at all as it increases the barriers of entry into new industries and makes it harder for small businesses to compete with each other but during these times, there must be a heartfelt meaning as to the massive loss of lives (over 200,000 dead Americans from the virus) and to raise the wages of the most affected group of people (black and brown people) would be a symbolic gesture of trying to win them over to the cause of equality (even though I know that the blacks will never accept such an illusion here in America). There will be paid sick leave as that would quickly solve the issue of people being forced to go to work while they are sick. Now I do not know how many paid sick days people will get who work minimum wage but a safe assumption would be 10 days which amounts to a leave of 2 weeks, a fair gesture to the so called working poor.

It is these changes that I can foresee happening but there might be other radical changes that might come in the 4 year during or after. The nation will have strong discussions about amending the constitution so that the American people directly elect the president and that will likely happen but not through an amendment but through the states changing their electors to a plurality system instead of a winner take all system. That alone would solve the problem of ever electing a white idiot like Donald Trump from even think of running for office again. The Supreme Court justices will increase from 9 to 13 to return some form of power to the people (still expect the same or even more Jews and Freemasons to occupy those positions so nothing will change in terms of the power structure). The territories of Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico will be added as states to permanently add more power to the senate in favor of the Democrats.  And finally, the Republican Party will be marginalized to the point that they will splinter off from the Trump Republicans to the traditional Reagan conservatives which will help to make the way for American to fully become a one party state under the guide and vision of the Democratic Party. Expect Joe Biden to only be in office for one term of 4 years and for his successor to be a younger Democrat who will lead the nation starting in 2025. Now, I do not know if these small changes will lead to a better society but if the Lord grants me life and mercy to see these next 6 years through, I will continue to document all of these changes on my beloved website. Though I will admit that it will not be an easy statement to make as I am now suffering from skin cancer that has caused me to lose over 80 pounds in the past 2 years along with an improvement in my diabetic condition. But as long as I still draw an ounce of breath, I will stand against all forms of injustices because it was the way that my grandmother, the only person who ever loved me unconditionally, raised me to be and I must live the remaining years of my life to those ends.

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