Monday, September 28, 2020

My Nightmare Home Buying Experience

For the past eight months, I have been trying to buy a home and I can attest to the greatness of the Lord that I was successful because many people in my position have not been as fortunate. Sadly my actual story began about 2 years ago when I was approached by my former friend, Jolene Tecson Davis, about moving into her house in Alief, Texas in an arrangement to buy her mother's house as long as I pay her rent for 900 dollars a month while I work on my credit to get it well enough to buy the house. I agreed because I thought that it would be a great learning experience for me as I have never had the responsibilities of living in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house to myself and I would also learn the intricacies about taking care of a house by myself. I will say that to those ends, I learned a lot these past 2 years about the cost of owning a home; from the costs of lawn maintenance, to fixing appliances, to the cost of fixing or maintaining a house and trying to keep it in good condition. 

The problems began as soon as I moved into the house in July of 2018 when I saw the condition of the walls, the roof, the fence, the backyard, and the bathrooms and how badly Jolene and her mother had allowed the house to become. She told me that she was supposed to live in the house because she had been evicted from her apartment and her mother was trying to convince her to live there. She lived there for about two years from 2016 to 2018 and she consistently tried to get roommates to live there but those roommates did not want to pay close to 1000 dollars a month due to the terrible conditions of the house. I agreed to do this because of our past 20 years of friendship and my desire to eventually become a homeowner after being tired of renting and observing that rent prices were steadily climbing throughout the nation. After I moved in, I also began to get harassed about paying EVER MORE money for rent than the 900 dollars a month that I agreed to, but I agreed and began to pay 950 a month merely to silence the relentless greed of Jolene and her mother, Julita Davis. As the summer of 2019 began, I noticed a post of Jolene's on social media where her mother had stated that she was upset that her daughter was allowing her friend to live in her house for “a cheap rate” and that she should charge me more for rent. This was a part of a much larger battle between the daughter and her mother over her own living conditions and her recent adoption of another large dog which was causing much destruction in her family home. The truth is that Jolene receives 1400 dollars a month for a disability that she does not possess and she is in need of even more money so that she does not go homeless as she refuses to live with her mother, yet she willingly accepts her mother's charity and money all the time because she is too lazy to work and refuses to hold onto work because of her mental and fake physical limitations. I was trying to leave the house and move into an apartment back in July of 2019 but her mother convinced me to stay and to continue to give Jolene the rent money to help her daughter so that her daughter wouldn't go homeless. I agreed to the deal and I began the year of 2020 with a vow to buy the house and I was making progress towards that very goal. In October of 2019, I had improved my credit by paying down some debts and bought a new car to improve my credit score. I had also secured a second job to add extra income and was in a position to have a loan officer sign off on the home purchase as an FHA government backed loan. 

 Sadly the economic effects of COVID-19 took control of the nation and my application was suspended due to a required credit score increase from 580 to 670. I was able to hire a credit specialist to improve my score to a 651 and even received down payment assistance from the state of Texas to purchase the Sharpview home. Sadly the house had a lot of issues that came up during inspection and Julita Davis refused to make improvements to the house and still wanted to sell the house in its current state for an amount of $115,000 dollars yet the repairs required to get the house to pass inspection would cost a minimum of $50,000 and the family did not want to properly invest in that home. It became very apparent to me that this was a losing situation and that it was best for me to leave anyways as Julita did not want me to stay there as she insisted that I move out to make way for investors. I agreed and was able to find a new home in the Fort Bend district but it would take a minimum of 20 to 30 days to close on this new home. I decided to move out on September 2 to a hotel but before I did that I had the displeasure of living with Jolene for 2 days and I saw first hand a prime example of narcissism and the physical manifestations of someone who has been spoiled by their own family to the point that all they do at home is do drugs, run up the appliances and electricity, play with their overgrown dog, and contribute nothing to society with demands that they are entitled to receive a disability check for an ailment that they do not even possess. No wonder many Americans wish to completely defund and destroy social security and the welfare state and I can proudly say that I have never received an ounce of government assistance because I have worked a minimum of 2 or more jobs for the past 8 years just to barely survive as no one helps me out financially. 

With the new loan officer (I went through 3 of them in total because the second one lied about the down payment assistance program) I was able to move into a move in ready home with similar specs to the Sharpview house and this Ridgemont home is gorgeous and is worthy of all of the hard work and dedication that I have gone through for the past 8 years to have a home of my own. I am still in the process of unpacking and I need to buy 3 HDTVs because all of them got destroyed during the move but at least I am no longer homeless during this pandemic and the Lord has guided me through it all and I owe everything to Him and His mercy. Though I did get a diagnosis that I do have skin cancer so maybe the Lord will grant me my final wishes to be reunited with my grandmother, the only person who ever truly loved me unconditionally and who taught me and raised me to be the person that I am today. If I live or die, I know that I have done all that I can to make this world a better place and that people shouldn't feel sad that I am gone but should be happy to know that I was able to find peace and happiness towards the end of my life here on earth. I was probably never going to buy the Sharpview house given its conditions and I had no idea that FHA requirements were so strict as to what kind of home that I could purchase. It also taught me that a home owner must not become a slum lord but must also take pride in their home and must maintain it at all costs and should not be cheap about how they go about fixing and maintaining their home and I intend to do the same to my own house. To be fair, if they had changed the agreement to this: I stay in the home, fix it up, work on my credit, and in 2 years or more, I buy the home at market value, that would have been more equitable and fair but the agreement had nothing to do with equity or fairness and everything to do with giving Jolene money so that she wouldn't go homeless because I was the only person who was willing to part with such a large sum of money for a house barely even worth $70,000 yet they wanted almost twice as much because they allowed themselves to let greed dominate their lives. This just goes to show human beings that in the end, God is always in control and that those who have put the evil ways of this world will not profit for long while their evil is manifested before their eyes and the eyes of their fellow man. Now the Davis family ended up without money and a home STILL in need or repairs while I am in a modern day updated home that is worthy of all of the hard work that I have done for myself over the past 8 years. God is good!

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