Monday, September 28, 2020

DHS Warns “White Supremacy” is the Most Lethal Threat to the U.S.

While corporate-funded BLM and their Antifa comrades in arms burn down cities, loot and pillage, terrorize average Americans, and murder those who do not go along with their agenda, the DHS wants to remind us that White people who don’t hate themselves are the real lethal threat to the US.

(Renegade Tribune)

We are truly living in a bizarro world, where everything has been completely flipped upside down.

The Department of Homeland Security draft documents, which were recently made public, warn of the looming threat of White supremacist terrorism. The latest details how US-based violent extremisst are capitalizing on social and political tensions in 2020 and present an “elevated threat environment” at least through early next year.

According to WMUR:

The recently released draft reports, which were made public by Lawfare Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes and first reported by Politico, mentions a host of threats, including cyber, foreign influence and irregular migration.

All three drafts state that white supremacist extremists are the deadliest threat. However, the placement and language about white supremacy in three versions of the DHS draft documents differ slightly.

The earliest available version of the “State of the Homeland Threat Assessment 2020” drafts reads: “We judge that ideologically-motivated lone offenders and small groups will pose the greatest terrorist threat to the Homeland through 2021, with white supremacist extremists presenting the most lethal threat.”

On what do they base their findings? A briefing given by the ADL’s Greenblatt? Maybe the SPLC’s intelligence report? What credible evidence do they have that any White people are actually planning to terrorize the American public? Well, I guess there are the “Boogaloo Boys,” but we all know that is a complete fed PsyOp, just like AtomWaffen and the rest. The DHS is out chasing and creating White boogeymen, while ignoring the giant elephant in the room, which is the race war being waged against White people.

The later DHS drafts were changed somewhat, but still maintain that White people who don’t hate themselves are the greatest deadly threat America is facing.

The lead section on terror threats to the homeland is changed in the latter two drafts to replace “white supremacist extremists” with “Domestic Violent Extremists presenting the most persistent and lethal threat.”

The reports, however, all contain this language: “Among DVEs [Domestic Violent Extremists], we judge that white supremacist extremists (WSEs) will remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland through 2021.”

This demonization of White people as terrorists has been going on for quite some time, with the DHS prioritizing fighting “White supremacism” last year.

Then-acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said last year white supremacist extremism is one of the most “potent ideologies” driving acts violence in the U.S., when he released the department’s counterterrorism strategy, outlining the ongoing threats from foreign terrorism and focusing on domestic terror threats, particularly white supremacism.

“In our modern age, the continued menace of racially based violent extremism, particularly white supremacist extremism, is an abhorrent affront to the nation, the struggle and unity of its diverse population,” he said in a speech at the Brookings Institution almost a year ago.

I hope the average American will increasingly be able to see through ZOG reports like this, and recognize how the reality of the situation is much different than what our overlords are telling us.

The greatest lethal threat to the American people is (and always has been) the US federal government itself. They are the real terrorists. Look at how many innocent people have died at the hands of ZOG at home and abroad, and yet they have the audacity (or chutzpah) to lecture to us about how innocent White people pose an existential threat to the country. ZOG must be dismantled before we can ever hope to achieve any lasting peace.

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