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The Emergence Of The Biden Coalition As the rest of the nation continues to “discuss and debate” what will happen prior and after the November 3 rd election, I have already shown my own brilliance and have moved onto what will happen to the American state starting in January 2021. First of all, Donald J. Trump will lose the election and not only shall he lose but the entire House and Senate shall be fully controlled by the Democratic Party and he will not accept the results, he will refuse to leave the White House, and the S

German National Socialists Open New Office in Siegen

Image Our German comrades in Der III. Weg report on the opening of their new party office in the city of Siegen. ( NRM ) In continuation of our article series “Germany Calling”, we are proud to publish this latest report from our comrades in Germany’s leading revolutionary movement, Der III. Weg. As part of our hard work to expand our structures across the whole country, Der III. Weg opened a new office in the city of Siegen two months ago. Siegen is located in Western Germany, where the cities have a high percentage of migrants. Der III. Weg now offers a place for Germans who want to remain German. Inside the office, Germans find a place to talk about their problems and what they expect from politics. Other political parties; i.e., those who ruined the country during recent years, are only on the streets and listening to the people if there are elections. Der III. Weg works 365 days a ye

The White Freemason and Zionist Donald Trump Confirms U.S. Is Israel’s “Protector”   By  Philip Giraldi For many years the security framework in the Middle East has been described as a bilateral arrangement whereby Washington gained access to sufficient Saudi Arabian oil to keep the energy market stable while the United States provided an armed physical presence through its bases in the region and its ability to project power if anyone should seek to threaten the Saudi Kingdom. The agreement was reportedly worked out in a  February 1945 meeting  between President Franklin D. Roosevelt and King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, just as World War 2 was drawing to a close. That role as protector of Saudi Arabia and guarantor of stable energy markets in the region later served as part of the justification for the U.S. ouster of the Iraqi Army from Kuwait in 1991. After 9/11, the rationale became somewhat less focused. The United States invaded Afghanistan, did not capture or kill Osama bin Laden due to its own in

The Legacy of Adolf Hitler

I am very well aware that today marks the start of the presidential “debates” here in the United States but I will not even try to mention that nonsense in this post as we all know that it is only a matter of what kind of Jewish flavor you wish to swallow. Either way, the flavor will be very distasteful to your tongue and you will very very very quickly regret whichever choice that you make. I have already stated since March of this year that the next president that will be selected, not elected, will be Joseph A. Biden, whether people like it or not. Even if you waste your vote on Trump, you will STILL have Joe Biden as your president. Either accept that, get over it, and move on with your life! There is a reason that I never cast a vote because I already know how these things turn out because I know how the political climate and how the voting system works. I have predicted all the presidential elections since I have been examining politics since 2004 and I have called them al

The White Idiot Donald Trump is broke and his businesses are collapsing — That Is Why He Pushed To Re-Open The Economy   For the past several decades, Donald Trump has been widely regarded as a great big phony. Everything about him is a mirage. He steals credit for the accomplishments of others, especially his predecessor, Barack Obama. His business model is all about slapping his goofy name on properties built by others. Even his outward appearance is a fraud: his unsubstantiated self-confidence, his hair, his clown makeup, his baggy suits designed to hide his doughy frame, even his shoes, which appear to have unusually high heels — it’s all intended to make him appear physically more powerful than he actually is. Fake, fake and fake. It’s all a big show. In reality, he’s nothing more than a petty, brittle, small man — and a business failure. Now, thanks to the latest bombshell story from the New York Times, reveal

‘It was all a hoax’: NYT destroys Trump’s claims of business success in second blockbuster on his taxes   President Donald Trump's tax returns have resulted in a second bombshell story by The New York Times. "From the back seat of a stretch limousine heading to meet the first contestants for his new TV show "The Apprentice," Donald J. Trump bragged that he was a billionaire who had overcome financial hardship. 'I used my brain, I used my negotiating skills and I worked it all out," he told viewers. "Now, my company is bigger than it ever was and stronger than it ever was.' It was all a hoax," the newspaper reported Monday evening. "Months after that inaugural episode in January 2004, Mr. Trump filed his individual tax return reporting $89.9 million in net losses from his core businesses for the prior year. The red ink spilled from everywhere, even as Ameri

The Great Holocaust Trial – 1980s Documentary on Ernst Zundel   Ernst Zundel’s crusade to expose the truth about the Holocaust led to being persecuted and prosecuted through the 80s, and he held his helmeted head high the whole time. Bitchute link

My Nightmare Home Buying Experience

For the past eight months, I have been trying to buy a home and I can attest to the greatness of the Lord that I was successful because many people in my position have not been as fortunate. Sadly my actual story began about 2 years ago when I was approached by my former friend, Jolene Tecson Davis, about moving into her house in Alief, Texas in an arrangement to buy her mother's house as long as I pay her rent for 900 dollars a month while I work on my credit to get it well enough to buy the house. I agreed because I thought that it would be a great learning experience for me as I have never had the responsibilities of living in a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house to myself and I would also learn the intricacies about taking care of a house by myself. I will say that to those ends, I learned a lot these past 2 years about the cost of owning a home; from the costs of lawn maintenance, to fixing appliances, to the cost of fixing or maintaining a house and trying to keep it in good cond

DHS Warns “White Supremacy” is the Most Lethal Threat to the U.S.

Image While corporate-funded BLM and their Antifa comrades in arms burn down cities, loot and pillage, terrorize average Americans, and murder those who do not go along with their agenda, the DHS wants to remind us that White people who don’t hate themselves are the real lethal threat to the US. ( Renegade Tribune ) We are truly living in a bizarro world, where everything has been completely flipped upside down. The Department of Homeland Security draft documents, which were recently made public, warn of the looming threat of White supremacist terrorism. The latest details how US-based violent extremisst are capitalizing on social and political tensions in 2020 and present an “elevated threat environment” at least through early next year. According to  WMUR : The recently released draft reports, which were made public by Lawfare Editor in Chief Benjamin Wittes and first reported

The Myth of Hitler’s “Jewish Grandfather”

Image The more enormous and preposterous a lie is, the quicker it captures the public’s imagination and is believed, and the harder it is to dispel. By Martin Kerr “[S]ince the great masses of people at the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds, they fall more easily victim to a big lie than to a little one — since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads, and they will not be able to believe the possibility in others of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation; yes, even when enlightened on the subject, they will long doubt and waver, and continue to accept at least one of the claims as true. Therefore, something of even the most insolent lie will always remain and stick.” – Mein Kampf