Thursday, August 6, 2020

What Donald Trump Will Do In The Upcoming Months #DUMPTRUMP

The best laid plans can always go awry, which is why I have stated multiple times to many people that the best way to make God laugh is to tell Him all about your plans. I am currently going through the home buying process (I will document all of that in an article later next week) and I can speak from first hand experience that nothing that I planned for has went according to what I thought would happen but God has seen me through it all and I am lucky to even be alive and in a position to even attain my first home.  Many of us in the media have been covering the abject disaster of the Trump presidency since the very first day that he ascended into the office.  I have seen it all, from the corruption that favors his own business, to the blatant and overt racism, to the apathy to the suffering of others around him, to the desire to dominate the nation, and the worst of all, the explicit narcissistic and selfish tendencies that he has displayed for over 4 years since he even began to run for office.  I have been struggling to understand why Trump has even tried to run for office of the presidency since he announced that he would be doing so in 2015.  Contrary to what other world leaders would think, the presidency of the United States is a weak position and is only there to execute the laws of the land and to act as a symbolic figurehead and as a voice of unity for the American people.  The president's first jobs are to execute the laws that Congress passes, command the armed forces, head the executive branch of government, and to be the head of state as a symbol of unity for the American people.  Trump believed that he could use the presidency to advance the business interests of his own company and those of his allies but he has run into multiple obstacles in the form of the American people, the American media, and the Democratic party; the Republican Party sold out long ago merely to keep power and history shall remember them as a group who put party interests over the good of their own country.  Donald Trump never planned for the corona virus, he never planned for the death of George Floyd, he never planned for the 33 percent GDP drop in the American economy, and he never planned the awakening and unity of the American people against his authoritarian ambitions.  He grossly miscalculated that his MAGA movement of white idiots would be enough for him to get re-elected. Trump has always lived in some kind of self delusion, that his election was a legitimate victory even while he won the electoral votes, he lost by over 3 million votes based on the popular vote; he never had a real mandate to rule but he acted like he did and that very strategy is ruining his chances of re-election.  Oddly enough, to be re-elected as president in America is not an easy task as most of those who got re-elected did so by slim margins and Trump is finding out now how hard that truly is.  However, it is made much harder when he continues to downplay the severity of the virus and tweets materials that upsets the vast majority of the American people. 

If I could give Trump advice and if he was smart enough to listen, I would advise him to simply resign and flee the country for greener pastures and to live out the rest of his life in freedom somewhere else.  The writing is already on the wall, even in the negotiations with the Democrats over the second stimulus package, Trump is desperate to pass something that goes against the wishes of his own Republican allies that he is willing to give into the Democrats demands for 600 dollars in unemployment benefits and all other measures just to make sure that the American people receive some kind of corona virus relief so that he has a slightly better chance to get re-elected.  He has floated the idea of executive orders to increase the deadline for the eviction moratorium and to lift the payroll tax (I support both plans), but the courts will likely strike them down as unconstitutional and he will be back to square one in his useless plans to get re-elected.  The writing is already on the wall because his own Republican allies rejected his plans to change the date of the election as they know that once they do that, the Democrats will very easily win control of the entire federal government in November; also, there is no historical precedence for this anyways and both houses of Congress needs to agree to do that which won't ever happen.  It was far from a surprise that he would state this over his unfounded claims of fraud of mail in ballots but the demand came just minutes after news had surfaced that the economy GDP fell by more than 30 percent and economists have stated that a similar drop will happen again in about 3 more months.  For Trump, the economy has to be seen as improving for him to have any chance to even think of winning, but with the economy in shambles and the corona virus ravaging lives across the land the end is near. 

However, it was revealed to me long ago what will happen in the upcoming months as it will be a very messy divorce. Trump could simply still avoid all of this by either resigning or deciding not to run ( a very likely scenario) but he will see it through to the end and do what he can to steal the election.  He will run, he will lose the election, he will refuse to leave office, he will be escorted from the white house by the secret service, he will challenge the results iin court and soundly lose, and then he will face multiple indictments and flee the country (probably to Russia) to avoid any persecution.  It will be the ultimate disgrace for Trump but one of validation of the American democratic system and it will usher in a new era of Democratic Party domination on the federal level for several years.   The white idiots in the Republican Party who defended Trump will lose their careers as politicians and the nation will look back at the past 4 years in disgust that they allowed a proud narcissistic to be allowed to lead them to ruination all around the world.  I will do my part to vote for members of The Green Party (as I am a proud progressive anyways and openly despise both Democrats and Republicans) and I will use the influence that I have on social media with my over 11,000 followers to vote Trump out and to shame and humiliate all that I know who voted for him and have helped him get this far in the first place. 

Above this article I have attached 3 links that illustrate how the nation found themselves at this junction of its history but rest assured that good will triumph and evil will never win because the God that created this world iis not a God for evil but a God for good and all who have stood with evil are being killed off by COVID-19 and those who he has spared are trying to awakening people to find and follow the Peace of God.  I still see great things in the future for the United States and its people and that great potential will come to fruition in the upcoming months and years and well past the time that I have left this world. 

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