Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Beauty Of Christian Nihilism

Earlier today, on my Facebook profile page, I was trying to discuss how the concepts of nihilism led me down the path to the Christian faith.  My journey towards such a task was never meant to be a simple one; anything worth its weight will never be accomplished without struggle but this struggle was easily worth it.  For almost 2 decades, I lived life as an atheist, very much unsure as to if there was even an afterlife, even going as far as to declare myself a convert to Karaite Judaism in my quest to draw closer to God as I was dealing with my parent's divorce.  Yet it took me almost 34 years to finally find the Peace of God but it also meant that I had to unlearn the lies that was taught to me of the Christian faith.  First of all, anyone who peddles in false, satanic doctrines is simply doing the work of the devil to deceive people from the Lord and His good works.  Such examples of satanic doctrines are as follows: Jews as God's chosen people, Once Saved Always Saved, Rejection of The Trinity, Rejection of the Human Aspect of Christ, Rejection of The Elect, Celebrations of Easter and Christmas, Dispensationalism, Christian Zionism, Worship of Mary, The use of icons in service, The Christian Cross as symbolism, Transubstantiation,  and many more that I cannot remember to name at the moment. 

As for why these ideas are satanic doctrines, I will list them out one by one.  On the topic of the Jews: it has long been stated that Christians are God's chosen people and while the Jews have received the temporary election of God's people, they must do as the rest of human kind and accept Jesus as Lord of their lives which they refuse to do till this very day so they have lost their chosen status.  Besides the point, in heaven, there is no Jew or Gentile but only The Elect that transcends all of this racial nonsense and they come from ALL walks of life.  On the topic of Once Saved, Always Saved: that is another deception because you can lose your salvation along the way if you continue to do evil.  Yet since no one knows who will be saved until we see the Lord at the end of our time on this planet, no one can say who will be saved or who will be condemned; that is why we live our lives in hope that we can attain salvation by our works and not just on faith alone.  On the topic of The Trinity: it is too central of a concept to the Christian faith because God the father grants us salvation from sin, God the son paid the ultimate price for those sins, and the Holy Spirit grants us guidance through the rough times of our lives.  These three parts of the same deity are the core tenets to the faith and any plans to dislodge them is another example of humans siding with demonic forces to deceive others.  On the topic of rejecting the human element of Christ, that would put those individuals under the microscope of Gnosticism, a dangerous, satanic and masonic sect of unbelievers who have stated that all humans are evil and that God would never take a human form.  Yet they also refuse to acknowledge that God has always taken interest in His creations out of the immense love He has for His children so they are ultimately living a life of delusions and hypocrisy.  Then again, what would one expect from those who have embraced the evil symbols of freemasonry to do the bidding of the devil? On the concept of Easter and Christmas: those are pagan symbols and holidays and any historian knows that Christ was not born on those days and those holidays are man made and was created by the false teachers called The Catholic Church.  Just because the vast majority of Christian idiots have embraced pagan ideals and symbols does not mean that I will join them in doing evil as I love God way too much for that!  On the topic of Dispensationalism and Zionism: these two ideas run counter to God's laws as the Zionists have killed, stolen, and raped the native Palestinian people who are also of the Christian faith and they have a right to live on this very planet and on the land of their forefathers.  The God that I worship and adore has commanded us to love one another and these genocidal monsters in the fake state of Israel go against those commands each and every day so I will not legitimize such evil actions by any government.  The fake dispensations of the Schofield Bible is nothing but heresy as it states that God has a special plan for the Jews and that the Jews will be returned to the holy land and the Jewish messiah will arise that will be separate from Jesus.  Yet Jesus already fulfilled all the prophecies and there was never any mention of a third coming of the Jews to Palestine to fulfill any scriptures.  Also, Christ has already cursed the Jewish temple as He stated: "Let no stone be left unturned" thus, fulfilling the prophecy of Christ as he foretold the destruction of the temple by the Roman Empire in 70 A.D.  Dispensationalism is merely another satanic trap to turn gullible non Jews into servants of Jewish supremacy and sadly they have taken many Christian idiots with them.  On the topic of Christian Zionism: Zionism has NOTHING to do with the Love of Christ and loving each other, it is a secular concept of Jewish nationalism based on the false notion that Jews have a right to the "holy land" and the anti Christ city of Jerusalem.  If the Jews wish to have their own land, they should have been given part of present day Germany to make amends for the sins of the supposed holocaust, but we all know that Israel has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with establishing Jewish supremacy over Arabs, Christians, and other Semitic peoples of historic Palestine.  I will NEVER be in favor of any human being that believes that they are superior to any one of God's creatures so I will NEVER support the fake state of Israel or the concepts of Zionism and anyone who defends such evil is already doing the work of the devil as they have aligned themselves with doing evil to God's creatures.  On the topic of Mary: I will admit that Mary has a very important role to play as the womb that gave life to our Lord and savior but to worship her is a pagan idea for we worship ONLY God, the one who gave us life and the one who grants atonement for sins.  Any human who demands worship is already guilty of the sins of idolatry and anyone (including the entire Catholic Church) who demands that you pay homage or tribute to any deity other than God The Son, God The Father, and The Holy Spirit is leading people into deception, it is really that simple. On the use of icons: any use of symbols is idolatry and there is nothing left to say about that topic.  On the topic of Transubstantiation: the Catholic Church and its adherents believe that the body and blood of Christ during Communion literally turns into blood and flesh, a pagan concept as the pagans before the Early Christians would practice cannibalism, an act that the Lord has forbade us to engage in.  Yet these same so called Christians do not yet understand that it is merely a symbolic figure and that we do this act of Communion in remembrance that Christ died for us and His body and blood is what helps to wash away our sins.  It is quite funny to me as in the same Book of Prayers for the communion, Christ states that we should take the wine and the bread in REMEMBERANCE of Him; he never meant for us to take this as a literal act, merely as a point of symbolic reverence on that holy day that He was betrayed by The Jews.  On the topic of the Cross: I very much know the importance of the cross but that same cross symbol was used by pagans in the cross of the zodiac to represent the various constellations of the skies.  The so called Christian Cross is NOT a symbol of the Christian faith and it is another symbol of false gods and false idols.  

The above listed false doctrines and much more that I cannot list at the moment make up the core tenets of my version of Christian Nihilism.  Yes I know that the idea of nihilism, to not care for others, goes against the Christian faith principles of love but if one interprets these things symbolically, you can show love to others by leaving them to their own devices but still being there for them if they call out to you in need.  That is why the vast majority of Christians and believers are actually agnostic in faith for they believe in God when they have nowhere to turn but they turn back to their old habits of sin and agnostic beliefs of doubt in all things spiritual.  The key would be to become more like the former instead of the later so that we can grow closer to God.  That is one concept that we Christian Nihilists believe in, we believe that mankind can be saved but we also believe in the Elect and that God did not send His son to die for everyone but only for His Elect.  It is that hope that we have for ourselves and for mankind.  We try to warn our neighbors of their sins to help them but to keep ourselves on track to salvation but we already know that this is a futile attempt because of the overall stubborn nature of human beings and their desire to please only themselves and not to serve their creator.  We do not have any hope that mankind will find the path to making this world a better one because they have wasted all the talents blessed upon them by God. We know that some will be saved through a change in conscious thoughts and actions so we keep preaching the Peace of God and His love but we know that most will die off when the Lord finally ends all existence.  And it is that destruction for mankind that we Christian Nihilists gladly await for to see this world cleansed of the evils created by mankind will be the ultimate justice by The Lord to finally right all the wrongs of this world.  We do not make any attempts to do this for we love God too much to resort to violence against mankind but we do understand why others do in search of how to end the needless suffering caused by humans on this planet.  Who knows, maybe Christian Nihilists are merely misanthropes who hate all of humanity but also love the message of Christ and are simply trying to make sense of it all, but someone has to do just that in a world gone mad thanks to human who have given into satanic forces all around us. 

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