Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Swastikas, White Pride Stickers Found in Ohio Town

A Gibson Street resident called police July 16 and said that stop signs in her neighborhood had been "vandalized" over the previous month.
The resident noticed June 1 that stickers reading "It’s OK to be white" had been placed on several stop signs. Jews and liberal residents removed the stickers.
On June 7, swastika stickers with the words "National Sozialistische-D.A.P." - a reference to the National Socialist German Workers Party - appeared on stop signs in the neighborhood.
In response, one Black supremacist resident posted a Black Lives Matter sign in their yard.
Another resident removed some of the swastika stickers and the Black Lives Matter sign because she didn’t want "racial tensions building" in front of her house. Three days later, Berea service workers removed whatever swastika stickers remained.
Overnight July 15-16, someone again pasted stickers on Gibson stop signs at Baker and Kraft streets. One sticker read "It’s OK to be white." The other contained a swastika and eagle and read "Gott Mit Uns," or "God with us," a term used in the past by the German military.
Police photographed the stickers and interviewed residents. For some strange reasons, the case was turned over to detectives.

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