Saturday, August 8, 2020

Netanyahu: “No Greater Friend to Israel Than Our Christian Friends”

Christians are treated like absolute garbage by the jewish supremacists, especially in Israel, and yet they continue to support the terrorist state in every way they can. They do this because they have been duped into thinking that jews are the chosen people of their Holy book and they play an essential role in the coming end times. They really think that “God blesses those who bless Israel, and God curses those who curse Israel.”
Most Christians are like dogs who are repeatedly beaten by their master, yet they stay loyal, trying to ingratiate themselves to their master even more. They do not bark when they are hit, but only pathetically whimper and put their tails between their legs.
Am I being too hard on Christians? No, I do not think so. Without White Christians doing the work of the jews, we would not be where we are today. Even if some Christians reject the jew World Order, the vast majority of them are cheering it on and doing everything they can to bring about the Biblical end times.
Netanyahu is speaking honestly here (for once) when he acknowledges Christians as a great friend to Israel.
If Christians were to find out that the Talmud has Jesus boiling in excrement and that jews spit on Christians in Israel, would they change their thinking? Probably not, as Christians already turn a blind eye to the rape of their children by their own priests over the decades.

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