Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NCAA College Football: The New Form of American Slavery

Earlier yesterday, I was playing on my PS3 and also watching YouTube videos and I came across a video about Donald Trump supporting the return of the 2020 NCAA college football season and of course the topic quickly turned to racism but within the video (the first link in the article) the commentator of the Young Turks Network said some very important facts that cannot be ignored.  One statement that she made was that only 2 percent of college athletes who try to enter the NFL actually make it to being selected.  It is really a lottery level crap shoot when looking at the initial data of the athletes.  Another statement that was made iin this video was that college athletes work an average of 60 hours a week preparing to put their bodies through the physical rigors of sports and yet they do not receive a salary or any form of payment for such sacrifices.  Yet, these same young men and women are receiving a college education that does not amount to fail value or pay for the pains that they go through to play sports for a minimum of 2 to 3 years in hopes that they eventually make it into professional sports. 

The easiest way to enter the upper echelons of American society through wealth and riches is to have your son or daughter do very well in entertainment or sports so that the entire family can enter into the so called American dream.  It was this very concept that was granted to the so called Blacks after the failed civil rights movement that allowed blacks to enter the American dream through sports and entertainment and that plan has helped to enrich the pockets of Jews and "White" Freemasons who often own the rights to such sporting franchises.  Much keeps being made about racial statements made by previous NFL owners like Jerry Richardson and Dan Snyder and how they were forced to make changes that they did not wish to make or lose ownership of their franchise.  Some have successfully argued that slavery is still in effect throughout the land in the form of sports as college athletes are not compensated with fair value for putting their bodies on the line for the sake of entertainment.  The NCAA is a multi billion dollar industry that makes massive profits off the physical sacrifice of their athletes and it is nothing more than a lie to state that these young men and women are "student athletes" when they spend most of their time training and playing sports and spend so little of their free time studying and going to classes.  In fact, when I was in college, I observed that all of the athletes had a "special liaison" that would travel with them to make sure that they attended all of their courses for the day.  Imagine, being forced to have another adult travel with you so that you are present for all of your courses as a grown adult!  Yet people will still try to proclaim that the "free" education that they receive is adequate compensation for the physical toil that they place on their bodies, especially in the form of football. 

In the second link, the story of Laremy Tunsil is discussed and the topic of the "bag man" is exposed as a way to pay for the recruitment of athletes and their families and for ways that the universities compensates athletes to live lavish lives for committing to playing for their program.  Everyone in college football knows that cheating happens, it is only a matter of if you are caught and discovered by the powers that be and whether they choose to do anything about it. The last link is about the failed concept of reparations for slavery, but if you notice in the YouTube ratio of likes to dislikes the idea is very unpopular because the concept is essentially punishing people who had nothing to do with slavery and robbing from them and their families in order to pay money to the Blacks who will very likely waste that money on drugs, gangs, weapons, and other social evils due to their very low IQ and cursed nature.  I have proposed 2 solutions to solve the Black Problem here in America: first, forcibly relocate all of the Blacks to Alaska and make that the Black Homeland.  Alaska is rich in natural resources and would serve as reparations and allow the so called Blacks to have their own country free of American domination.  Another solution is that the Blacks join with the so called Whites and Latinos and all 3 groups take their claims of human rights violation to the United Nations human rights council to state how the American government is violating their international human rights.  Such a concept would lead to great international pressure on the government to address the social, racial, and economic inequalities that exist within American society and would probably lead to the end of the American super power experiment but would pave the way for a more equitable society for the American people.  It is the later of these two plans that I support but knowing the overall stupidity of the American people neither of those plans will happen so I have proposed another simple solution: pay the college athletes (who are mostly black anyways) in the form of a slightly lower salary than their professional sports counter parts because the concept of the bag man is essentially the same thing but done under the table and completely out of sight of most of the visible eyes of the American public.  Such a plan is gaining momentum but will likely be stuffed by white freemasons and Jews who wish to keep their money and their power.  Yet there is hope that people are awakening to Jewish corruption of American society and people as more black athletes have been making statements against Jewish exceptionalism in American society and that ADL is concerned that their decades of control over the so called Blacks will fail and that all Americans will see that it is the Elitist Jews and Satanic elements of American society that continues to divide them over the false notion of race and that they must rise up and demand their full international human rights or die trying for such freedoms!

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