Saturday, August 1, 2020

How I Awakened To The "Jewish" Problem

Today I woke up to news that the American economy has contracted by more than 33 percent and I could only help but think how this will impact the world moving forward.  Of course, nations who have tied their future to the United States will see their nations fall with no end in sight.  This would seem to work out well for the enemies of the American state but should one be so shocked when an entire nation of white idiots, black idiots, and latino idiots have allowed their minds to be misled by Jews, Satanists, and Freemasons who have admitted to worshiping money and the love of money instead of loving and helping their fellow man.  When one allows themselves to participate in false elections that are geared towards the same 2 party system that allows for Jewish and Freemason/Corporate control over your very lives.  That is why less than 60 percent of Americans even bother to vote, bu then again, what's the point of voting when polling places are few and far between, when voting times are not compatible with working over 70 hours a week, and when the voting districts are drawn up by the same 2 parties that are destroying your very nation.  Of course, the solution to the above mention problems would be for a real reform to the political system so that more voices can be represented in the American political system but we all know that it will probably take a second civil war for that to ever happen.  That is one of the many reasons that I post often about the injustices going on in this land to spur more peaceful protests to force the American elites to give up more of the money to help the American people but to keep their precious power or else the nation will collapse.

The awakening for the American people continues as most have observed that the Federal government could care less as they have watched for the past 3 months the American people suffer, die, and go hungry while the stock market continues to function at a very high rate.  It just goes to show that in the end, we are all alone during these difficult times and the intelligent people have turned to God and others have turned to politics and other ideas.  How ironic that the concept of UBI (universal basic income) is becoming popular and much of the modern day economics to fight poverty is also gaining steam.  If the nation had even half a sense of intelligence, they would adopt such ideas to address wealth and economic inequality and I still believe that will likely happen in the next 5 years and if it doesn't happen, I don't expect the United States to exist for much longer in the future.

I have been getting contacts and questions as to how I was awakened to politics in general and that involves a rather long story.  In 2002, I began to listen to AM radio at the age of 15 and I began to listen to the Zionist Jew, Michael Savage (real name Michael Weiner, a Russian Jew), a fact that I did not know or care about.  I was a proud conservative, Zionist for about 7 years, believing in the lies that so called liberalism is an invention to steal people's rights and that all Democrats will destroy us all.  It wasn't until August of 2009 that I underwent my surgery for my collapsed lung and having almost being turned away for healthcare despite the fact that I was going into cardiac arrest allowed my mind to begin to awaken.  How ironic that we are going through a health pandemic and people are now researching who is responsible for this and as usual all roads will always lead to Jews and their satanic allies.  That is why many in the ADL and AIPAC are terrified of my works because I simply expose all that is happening around us and deftly show how it is Elitist Jews who are working behind the scenes to destroy us all.  Still, I apologize for drifting off course with my story.  I was shocked as this was the first time that I had even gotten sick and to be told that I was going to be left to die if I didn't have any health insurance changed my thought process and I began to do my own research as to who controls the media industry and who is responsible for all of the societal problems of this nation and all the time it literally comes down to Elitist Jews, Freemasons, and the idiots who help keep them in power by going along with their divide and conquer strategy.  It has led me to the path that I am on now, focused on serving the Lord by exposing those who are doing evil to God's accretions and creatures and to force reform through exposing such evil around us all.  How ironic that it took me almost dying to make such a transformation, almost as if the Lord was guiding this all along as I now know that I am my grandmother's legacy and that I must fulfill that legacy through a mass awakening of the human species to reach and realize our true potential to love and care for each other where no one has to pay simply to live on this planet. 

Yet, my awakening really began when I saw a video about the suffering that the Iraqi children were going through before and after the September 11 attacks due to the illegal and immoral sanctions that the Bush administration levied against that defenseless population.  I have always cared about the suffering of all humans and I am willing to work with anyone (as long as they aren't being led by satanic forces) to fight for the freedom of all people and to end mass suffering of all human beings.  I admit that I allowed myself to be enslaved for 7 years (from 2002 to 2009) thanks to the works of the Zionist Jew Michael Savage as he even managed to convince me to convert to Karaite Judaism but in the end, the Lord knew my heart and what I was truly capable of and never wanted to give up on me.  I now use this same salvation to reach out to people and to teach them to accept The Peace of God before it is too late. Some are listening but I already know that billions will die off and for that I still give thanks and glory to God for revealing himself to mankind.  Those who have listened shall attainn salvation as one of His Elect and those who have chosen to go along with the evil plans of Elitist Jews and Freemasons will lose not only their souls but their own lives to the Lord in the coming days.  Still I anxiously await what more the Lord will reveal for myself to share with others.  These are indeed fascinating times ahead for those of us in alternative media who are documenting all of this for the world to see!

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