Saturday, August 1, 2020

Jewish Google Releases “Black-Owned Business” Badge to Divert Money Away From Whites

Apparently lots of people have been searching for Black-owned businesses as a way to atone for the sins of systemic racism… or something. This is a way for “bleeding hearts” to give a further hand up to black businesses, as if all the affirmative action, scholarships and grants were not enough. If the federal government is not going to pay out reparations, it is up to the people to enact some financial justice.
Yelp has allowed for people to filter through business listings in order to specifically find Black-owned businesses, and now Google is getting in on the act by giving Black owners their own special badge.
From The Verge:
Google is launching a new tool that allows businesses to identify themselves as Black-owned through the company’s Maps and Search listings. The new feature is part of the company’s pledge announced last month to support the Black community with “initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions.”
This is overtly a biased move that is intended to drive users to certain businesses at the expense of others.
When searching for a business through or Google Maps, you’ll now be able to see a new badge to represent Black-owned businesses — it’s a black heart over an orange three-striped background, like the one you can see in these images. They need to claim their business on Google and verify they own it by mail, phone or email before they can apply for the badge; it’s not clear how or whether Google can actually tell if they’re Black-owned. In 2018, Google introduced similar badges for businesses to display if they were either “Women-Led” and/or friendly to members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Basically straight White people who don’t hate themselves are screwed.

Within the last few months, Google says it has seen “a surge in online searches for Black-owned businesses” as consumers look to spend money at these businesses to show support amid the Black Lives Matter protests. One of Google’s main business listing competitors, Yelp, which introduced its own Black-owned icon recently, has seen a similar increase in searches for the same type of businesses. Yelp said in its Q2 economic average report that there were more than 2.5 million searches for Black-owned businesses between May 25th and July 10th.
Big tech companies are now actively trying to direct shoppers to certain businesses due to the owner’s race. This is inevitably going to hurt businesses who do not “qualify” for a special status on Google or Yelp, which means White business owners who have been able to survive the fake pandemic and race riots will have an even tougher time staying afloat.
Most people do not really see the problem with this, as long as it is negatively effecting White people.
If only Google would start issuing yellow star badges to jewish-owned businesses so that we could be sure to give them an economic boost for all their suffering over the years.

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