Friday, August 21, 2020

FBI Tweets Link to ‘Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion’ and Jewish Outrage Ensues

Yesterday the FBI’s Records Vault Twitter account posted a link to their archives regarding the Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion, the infamous text that jews insist is completely fake.
Many critics of jewish power do not actually believe that the Protocols are minutes from a meeting of jewish leaders, but something of an expose of their plans. Regardless of who wrote the document, almost everything that was written has come to pass, and the jewish conspiracy is undeniable. The jewish supremacists do not want “goyim” to read the Protocols because most people with any cognitive faculties would quickly realize that there is indeed a serious jewish problem that needs to be addressed, otherwise the rest of us will end up as their slaves in perpetuity.
The Times of Israel was quick to report on the FBI’s tweet:
The agency did not provide context for files from its archives on the anti-Semitic text, leading to accusations it could encourage bigotry against Jews
jewish organizations and individuals were also quick to condemn this blatant anti-semitism (and White nationalism)!
Recognizing the jewish backlash, the FBI made a few tweets to clarify why they had tweeted out their archive of the Protocols, saying that it was an automated process.
Some people are wondering whether or not this release was really just the result of an automated process or if something else is at play here.
Just a few weeks ago the FBI released their files on famous revisionist Ernst Zundel.
So what is actually going on. One jewish supremacist has a theory.
Of course Q did not hack the FBI Twitter account, but I would not be surprised if the FBI is part of the Q PsyOp. The release of the Protocols happened on the same day Trump essentially embraced the QAnon movement.
We are living in interesting times to say the least. I do not know what is going on behind the scenes and why the Protocols were tweeted out by the FBI, but hopefully this gets more people to read up on the jewish conspiracy to enslave the world.

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