Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Couple Banned from Walmart for Wearing Swastika Masks

A couple was banned from Walmart for a full year because they wore masks with a swastika on them.
For some reason this has become a major national news story and you have all sorts of assholes with blue checkmarks commenting about it on Twitter.
This is obviously a very weird situation but not unexpected. People are being driven over the edge with this virus hoax, mask edicts and other bullshit. So seeing a couple go into a Walmart with swastika masks presumably to protest the Walmart mask mandate is not unexpected.
They probably perceive the Nazis as the ultimate evil and are using this belief to equate Walmart’s mask mandate to the Nazis.
Of course, the Nazis were not the ultimate evil. The Jews have just managed to convince large numbers of people that they were by subverting our education system and propagandizing the masses with their nonsense.
But whatever the case, you can expect much weirder things to happen than this moving forward. It’s just going to get increasingly insane.
Source: Infostormer

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