Thursday, August 27, 2020

Civil War Spreading: Streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin Turn Into Battlefield

Kenosha, Wisconsin is a small city of about 100,000 people on Lake Michigan. Apparently it really felt like small town America, where people knew their  neighbors and there was a sense of tranquility. One of the tourist attractions is a Civil War museum, which seems all the more relevant now that civil war is raging on the once peaceful streets.
The spark that ignited the flames was the police shooting of a violent criminal who was resisting arrest. Of course if the criminal was a White man, nothing would have happened to Kenosha, but since a Black man was shot, the city had to burn.
The first night was bad enough, as was detailed here:
Then the second night saw even more burning, looting, and violence.
For some reason, the “trained Marxists” of BLM took out a lot of their anger on cars.
They also torched a bunch of buildings, some of which apparently had people trapped inside.
This would not be the first time BLM murdered someone with their arson.
They torched a bunch of small businesses in Kenosha, ruining the livelihoods of many residents.
Obviously some people got very upset with what was being allowed to take place.
Some people came out armed to stop the looting wherever possible, as the police was either unable or unwilling to do so.
Then on the third night a few people were supposedly shot by an armed White man who was chased down by a few men, one armed with a pistol and another with a skateboard, so he fired at them. Three were shot and supposedly two died.
Here’s footage of the guy who was shot in the head.
Here is the man who was shot in his arm.
The guy who got his arm shot had been running at the armed guard with a pistol out.
Adding further confusion to the situation, the armed guard who shot his attackers was apparently there to protect not only private property, but BLM!
This all happened admist the chaos of a third night of rioting.
That Kenosha, Wisconsin could so quickly turn into a war zone should be troubling for everyone. This could soon happen to your small town or city in the blink of an eye, simply because some violent black criminal was shot by the police while resisting arrest. We have seen the same scenario play out time and again. You must prepare yourself for the worst, and assume that law enforcement will not be there to keep you safe during the burning, looting, and shooting. If you are White, you are wearing an enemy uniform and you will be targeted by the Communist terrorists.

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