Thursday, August 27, 2020

BLM Is Terrorizing White People Into Throwing Up Commie Fists

According to the FBI, terrorism is “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.”
Have you seen how the country is being burned to the ground by Black rioters and their assorted supporters? Have you watched as people have been punched, kicked, stomped, and killed for not supporting their movement? Does this not fit the definition of terrorism to a T?
However, instead of condemning the Communist terrorists, multinational corporations, media mouthpieces, and political prostitutes have been bending over backward to show their support in whatever way possible.
One of the tactics currently being employed by these terrorists, who are called “activists” by our enemies, is to intimidate White people out in public into showing their support for BLM, with the unspoken threat of violence as a motivator. A few months ago people were being told to kneel down in submission.
Now White people who are out dining are being accosted by BLM members, who are demanding that they raise a “Black power” (aka Commie) fist to show solidarity with a group started by “trained Marxists.”
BLM is supposedly targeting White people in “gentrified” areas
It is funny how Black people whine when White people flee (White flight) from city areas after Black people move in and bring drugs, violence, and other crimes, and then they complain when White people move back into areas and start improving the living conditions. If Blacks can complain about areas being gentrified, are we allowed to complain about areas that have been negrified, like Detroit and most major cities?
I don’t even think the woman in the next clip is White, but just look at all the people who are surrounding the table, with violent Commie fists in the air and cameras filming.
If intimidating adults into submission was not bad enough, young children are also being targeted.
What do you think would happen if some pro-White activists accosted diners and tried intimidating them into throwing up a roman salute in solidarity?
This Communist terrorism is being encouraged by the same tribe of people who led the bloody revolution in Russia, supported ANC terrorism in South Africa, and started the NAACP in America. Without jews inciting hatred against White people, this would not be taking place.
It is also a great diversion, while they roll out 5G, force us all to wear muzzles, and continue consolidating wealth while bankrupting the country.

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