Tuesday, August 11, 2020

America Is Moving Towards A One Party State......




Earlier this past weekend, Donald John Trump went ahead and passed 4 executive orders to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that would grant 400 dollars in unemployment benefits, stop evictions until the end of December, cut payroll taxes, and suspend student loan payments and interest rates until the end of December.  Many things about these orders are tricky in that they are clearly not legal (contrary to what either party will admit, all executive orders are unconstitutional) and the funds to pay for the unemployment benefits must come from the states as well as money from FEMA in the middle of hurricane season.  There is also a political risk for Trump (though it won't matter to the MAGA white idiots of his base) in that payroll taxes for social security and medicare will be gutted.  Frankly I don't have an issue with lowering taxes on those making less than 100,000 dollars a year as it will allow me to amass my wealth and to continue to make my plans for the future to leave this evil nation behind forever but one should look more carefully at the details of these executive actions before they begin to applaud all of them out of partisan ideologies.  The payroll tax is actually a tax cut for corporations like Trump's businesses and his allies in that it will cut their contributions to social security and medicare which will increase the profits of corporations including Trump's own business connections.  It is clearly a matter of political and economic corruption but most will not mind seeing extra money in their pockets regardless of the outcomes.  It is why the current Republican party, under its current construction, will cease to exist in a short few years as a lot of former republicans are urging their own party members to abandon the party and to either join the Democrats or not even vote any longer.  Such a plan will effectively help to contribute to making the United States a one party state where the Democrats hold all of the power.  I am going to make a future political prediction that will come true in about 4 more years: the former Republicans and many within the current Republican party will leave and form their own political party and leave the current Republican party to either die off or try to survive as a fringe far right.  The truth is that the Republican party has always been divided by the northern and southern components, the side is that is fiscally conservative but liberal on social issues is the northern wing (considered the "moderate" wing of the party) and the far right southern elements of the party (it is this wing of the party that I proudly call white idiots) that are out of step with where the vast majority of the population stands.  The truth is that the party has put their ideological beliefs ahead of the interests of the country and have lost their right to rule and we will see the Republican Party simply either disappear or they can reform themselves, but I sense that they will simply disappear because white idiots will always be idiots about many topics.  In the above YouTube video links that I have attached to this article, it shows how simplistically the party has lost their very soul as the party of Abraham Lincoln, the man who kept the nation together through disparaging times and many of these northern Republicans have driifted to being Democrats and shall help to usher in a new era of American politics where the Democrats have a strangle hold on all federal elections.  We can already see this in the recent laws that the House Democrats have tried to pass in the form of making Puerto Rico and D.C. the 51st and 52nd states as that would increase the balance of power in the Senate to favor the Democrats and thus grant them 4 new seats to tip the balance of power in their favor.  The truth is that they might not even need to do that as they will win the 2020 elections and amend the constitution to allow for the direct election of the president by the American people to make it certain that someone like the White Idiot Donald Trump never runs for office again.  Such developments will be for the good of the nation and the American people as the nation continues to shift towards a true representative democracy; the only question is if the current structure of the Republican Party will allow for that or simply allow themselves to die off like they have been trying to do for decades. 

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