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‘I could have used a tad bit more of a fascist Trump’: Campaign adviser (white idiot) urges president to embrace authoritarianism

A top strategist for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign doesn’t think the president has been “fascist” enough.

Trump’s approval has plummeted since federal agents used tear gas to clear protesters from a park so he could pose for photos holding a Bible, but campaign’s new senior adviser for strategy Steve Cortes wishes the president had cracked down harder, reported The Daily Beast.

“If Trump were the fascist that they pretend that he is, wouldn’t he have cracked down much, much harder on the unrest in the American streets?” Cortes said on the June 25 episode of his self-titled radio program. “To be quite honest, you know, when there were people being bloodied, cops being attacked, businesses being smashed, I could have used a tad bit more of a fascist Trump.”

Cortes, a frequ…

People from around the world watched a video on COVID-19 in the US. They could not believe their eyes

This is truly sad to watch. Under Donald Trump, our country has been reduced to a laughingstock, a curiosity, and a pitiable mess. All of that is on display in this video from The New York Times. If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, at the very least skip ahead to 6:05 to see just how much sympathy the world has for us — trapped as we are on Asshole Island.
This is America. That used to mean something. No longer.

Our only chance to recapture our status and earn back the respect of the world is to elect Joe Biden. There is simply no other option. Make it so.

White working class voters are finally turning on Trump

When I wrote How to Win Rural Voters Without Losing Liberal Values for the June/July/August issue of the Washington Monthly, I was seeking a way for the Democrats to win back the White House, the House of Representatives, and control of state legislatures. The title of the piece carried more meaning than you might think, because it wasn’t solely about the moral quandary of courting the votes of so-called “deplorables.” It was part of my thesis that a party dependent primarily on affluent, well-educated suburbanites would do a poor job of being an advocate for working class men and women, irrespective of their race. For a host of reasons, I wanted the Democrats to pursue a broad front strategy, and I absolutely believed that Trump’s complete dominance of white working class voters was reversible.

I might have argued that Trump was certain to b…

Jewish Facebook reports increased ad revenue even as ADL-led boycott reduced spending: Report
(JTA) — The advertiser boycott that the Anti-Defamation League helped spearhead against Facebook last month was in some ways successful: More than 1,000 companies declined to pay for advertising on the social media platform. But measured against the company’s profits, the #StopHateForProfit campaign — which the ADL led with other civil rights groups, including the NAACP – had only limited effect, according to a report in the New York Times. The company reported a year-over-year increase in advertising revenue in July.
Revenue from Facebook’s top 100 advertisers dropped some 12% this July over last year, the New York Times reported, citing estimates from the advertising analytics platform Pathmatics. Nine of the 100 top advertisers had publicly announced that they would withhold paid advertising over the month, reducing their advertising dollars on Facebook to $507,500 …

Berlin rally against coronavirus rules features neo-Nazi supporters, anti-Semitic displays

BERLIN (JTA) – A rally supported by neo-Nazi groups drew more than 20,000 protesters in Berlin Saturday to demand an end to coronavirus restrictions. The rally was called a “Day of Freedom,” an apparent reference to a 1935 documentary about the Nazi army by Adolf Hitler’s pet filmmaker, Leni Riefenstahl. Some attendees displayed anti-Semitic slogans, while others compared Germany’s rules meant to stop the spread of the coronavirus to Nazi regulations. “In retrospect, this demonstration has confirmed many of our fears,” Sigmount Koenigsberg, commissioner against anti-Semitism for the Jewish Community of Berlin, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency on Sunday. “The Shoah was repeatedly relativized and anti-Semitic conspiracy myths were part of the standard repertoire.” A last-minute intervention by Jewish groups on Friday led authorities to alter the planned route, whic…

The White Freemason and Zionist Joe Biden holding fundraiser with Jacky Rosen, Adam Schiff and Jason Alexander focused on fighting anti-Semitism
(JTA) — The presidential campaign of Joe Biden is holding a fundraiser Monday with a focus on fighting anti-Semitism. The videoconference event will feature a conversation on the subject between two Jewish lawmakers — Sen. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., and Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. “Seinfeld” actor Jason Alexander, also Jewish, will serve as the moderator. Tickets range from $250 to $50,000. The Biden campaign has hosted multiple fundraisers geared toward the Jewish community.

Larry Johnson, former Kansas City Chiefs running back, tweets that Jews are involved in sex trafficking, pedophilia and more
(JTA) — Larry Johnson, a former running back who played seven seasons for the Kansas City Chiefs, tweeted multiple times to his more than 147,000 followers over the weekend that a Jewish “cabal” is involved in “Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Pedophilia, Ritualistic Child Torture, Perversion, Human Sacrifice/Murder.” And on Monday, he showed no signs of apologizing.
Johnson framed one of those tweets as a response to Max Kellerman, the Jewish co-host of ESPN’s “First Take” show, who said on the air recently that “Jews do not have a plan for world domination.” Kellerman was responding to social media posts by another NFL star, DeSean Jackson, who last month posted a quote he attributed to Adolf Hitler accusing Jews of having a “plan for world domination.” Jackson subseque…

Couple Banned from Walmart for Wearing Swastika Masks

A couple was banned from Walmart for a full year because they wore masks with a swastika on them. For some reason this has become a major national news story and you have all sorts of assholes with blue checkmarks commenting about it on Twitter. This is obviously a very weird situation but not unexpected. People are being driven over the edge with this virus hoax, mask edicts and other bullshit. So seeing a couple go into a Walmart with swastika masks presumably to protest the Walmart mask mandate is not unexpected. They probably perceive the Nazis as the ultimate evil and are using this belief to equate Walmart’s mask mandate to the Nazis. Of course, the Nazis were not the ultimate evil. The Jews have just managed to convince large numbers of people that they were by subverting our education system and propagandizing the masses with their nonsense. But whatever the case, you can expect…

The White Freemason and Zionist Donald Trump Say Military Will Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine in a “Very Powerful Manner”


Trump : “When we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up and the military is going to be doing it (distributing the vaccines) in the very powerful manner”.

The Beauty Of Christian Nihilism
Earlier today, on my Facebook profile page, I was trying to discuss how the concepts of nihilism led me down the path to the Christian faith.  My journey towards such a task was never meant to be a simple one; anything worth its weight will never be accomplished without struggle but this struggle was easily worth it.  For almost 2 decades, I lived life as an atheist, very much unsure as to if there was even an afterlife, even going as far as to declare myself a convert to Karaite Judaism in my quest to draw closer to God as I was dealing with my parent's divorce.  Yet it took me almost 34 years to finally find the Peace of God but it also meant that I had to unlearn the lies that was taught to me of the Christian faith.  First of all, anyone who peddles in false, satanic doctrines is simply doing the work of the devil to deceive people from the Lord and His good works.  Such examples of satani…

Skorzeny's Plan to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill at the Teheran Conference

Many assassination attempts were made on Hitler’s life. Yet, not so well-known are the german assassination plans for the Allied leaders – President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the Soviet leader, Stalin. Hitler’s Waffen-SS had an entire team and a plan dedicated to assassinating all three leaders when they met in Tehran for a World War Two conference in 1943. The details of this plan have been revealed in a new book called Operation Long Jump: Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, and the Greatest Assassination Plot in History by Bill Yenne, who is a war historian and enthusiast. The germans found out about the Tehran conference and began to plan how they could get rid of all the Allied leaders in one go since all three would be attending. The man leading the mission was Otto Skorzeny, who was also responsible for rescuing Italian wartime leader Mu…

The Woman Who Kissed Adolf Hitler at the Berlin Olympics

Carla de Vries, from Norwalk, California, asks the Fuhrer for an autograph and manages to give him a quick kiss while sat at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Hitler looked impressed with the 40-year-old's efforts and managed to pull away from one kiss before she managed on her second attempt to kiss him on the cheek. The footage was viewed worldwide and she was known as 'The Woman who kissed Adolf Hitler'. Speaking out after her kiss, Ms de Vries - who was married to a Dairy farmer called George - later said: 'Why, I simply embraced him [Hitler] because he appeared so friendly and gracious. 'I don't know why I did it. Certainly I hadn't planned such a thing. It's just that I'm a woman of impulses, I guess. 'It happened when I went down to take Hitler's picture with my small movie camera. Hitler was leaning forward, smiling, and he seemed so f…

75-Year-Old White Man Now Dead After Brutal Beating by 20-Year-Old Black Supremacist in Nursing
Do you remember the vicious anti-White assault that occurred right before the George Floyd PsyOp, which immediately took attention away from this heinous crime? Well, the old White man, named Norman Bledsoe, has died as a direct result of the brutal beating dished out by the young Black man. From Michigan Live: A 75-year-old man seen on video being brutally beaten inside a Detroit nursing home earlier this year has died. The victim, Norman Bledsoe, had been depressed and was not eating since the beating at Detroit’s Westwood Nursing Center, in May, FOX-2 Detroit reports. Bledsoe suffered four broken fingers, broken ribs, and a broken jaw after the attack. Even though Bledsoe died after being beaten, the Black criminal will not be charged with murder, and might even get off the hook for being mentally incompetent. Prosecutors have charged 20-year-old Jaden Hayden wit…

Jewish Use of Defeated Germans as Slave Labor


In the East In the judeo communist realms, the conditions that German POWs, many just kids, endured on the Eastern Front were beyond grim and did not follow any accepted protocol for treatment of captured soldiers. Under the provisions of the Yalta Agreement, the U.S. and U.K. had agreed to the use of German POWs in the Soviet Gulag as “reparations-in-kind,” but comparatively few Germans were taken alive before Stalingrad. Most were shot and many were mutilated alive. Out of the 90,000 Germans who marched into Soviet captivity at Stalingrad, only 5,000 ever returned: 40,000 did not survive the march to the Beketovka camp, where another 42,000 perished of hunger and disease. Those POWs that made it alive to separate camps in Siberia and elsewhere in the western Soviet Union were forced into slave labor and endured frequent beatings, brutal torture, poisoning and execution. Thousands more captured soldiers were …