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Temporary Leave Of Absence

To those who follow this website: I will be unable to make any posts for a period of about 4 weeks as I will be temporarily homeless, living in a hotel for a few weeks as I transition to the next stage of my life.  As a result, I will not be able to make posts to this site as my source of work for this site will not be available to me as my gaming all in one machine will be packed up among my other belongings.  When I return at the end of the month in September, I will return to my usual postings and even write a personal narrative about my recent struggles for the past 8 months.  Until then, keep me in your thoughts and prayers and know that I love you all!  May God continue to bless everyone on this earth and watch over all human beings!

The queer-friendly, Yiddish-speaking, anarchist-run Pink Peacock cafe aims to spark a Jewish revolution in Glasgow

Image ( JTA ) — Govanhill, on the Southside ward of Glasgow, is perhaps the closest Scotland has to the interwar world of Yiddish-speaking Europe. With its rows of red-brick Romanian stores and Polish bars, it is the country’s most ethnically diverse neighborhood, also home to other Eastern European, Pakistani and Bangladeshi populations. The area is about to welcome a notable new Jewish neighbor: a queer-friendly, Yiddish-speaking kosher cafe operated by Jewish self-described anarchists. At the Pink Peacock, customers will “pay what they can.” “We’re filling a gap and showing them that there is a Jewish space where you can be loudly queer and you’re welcome,” said Morgan Holleb, 31, who along with co-founder Joe Isaac, 21, hopes the eater

Black Man ‘Felt Compelled to Go Stab a White Male’ After Watching Anti-White Propaganda

Image The anti-White establishment is doing everything in its power to direct hatred and violence against White people, and it’s working. From  WLTZ: A stabbing suspect was allegedly enraged after watching videos of police incidents on social media. The shocking motive behind the random attack at a C olumbus  Auto Zone was revealed during court testimony this morning. Jayvon Hatchett is charged with Aggravated Assault and Possession of a knife during the commission of a crime. It was a premeditated, brutal assault according to police investigators. H atchett  entered the parts store asking for a thermostat and after he was informed the store didn’t have his part he started to stab the employee multiple times after he turned away from Hatchett. Police testified the worker was transported to the hospital in critical condition and lucky to be alive after the assault.

Historian says white evangelicals (white idiots) who are still backing Trump are making a huge mistake The latest Pew Research poll shows that 72% of white evangelical Protestants approved of Donald Trump’s work as president in June, and 59% strongly approved. That number was slightly lower than his approval earlier in the year. But about 82% of white evangelicals said they would vote for Trump, even higher than the proportion who voted for him in 2016. 35% say that Trump has been a “great President” and 34% say he has been “good”. No other religious subgrouprates Trump positively. His pronounced support for the evangelical political agenda has been obvious since he became a candidate. In January 2016, he told Iowa evangelicals at Dordt University, a Christian college in Sioux Center, in his typically egotistical phrasing, “We don’t exert the power that we should have. Christianity will have power. If I’m the

‘Wage theft’: Treasury signals millions of workers will earn less in 2021 under Trump’s payroll tax deferral Days after the payroll processor for the federal government—one of the nation’s largest employers—announced it would implement President Donald Trump’s plan to defer payroll taxes for the rest of 2020, the U.S. Treasury Department indicated that employers will be responsible for paying the deferred taxes next year. The plan is scheduled to go into effect September 1, and companies that take part will be required to collect the taxes their employees owe from the last four months of this year at the beginning of 2021—after the general election, which Trump hopes to win with claims that he’s strengthened the economy and helped workers. The Friday announcement from the Treasury Department could mean that millions of workers will see smaller paychecks and larger tax bills in 2021, the Washingto

Conviction of 93-year-old War Veteran is Latest Embarrassment for German Legal System

Image Last November, Moshe Loth testified as a plaintiff in the trial of wheelchair-bound nonagenarian Bruno Dey. ( National Justice ) Loth accused him of being an accessory to his torture and grandmother's gassing during the "Holocaust" at the Stutthof concentration camp in the final years of World War II. Loth stated that his mother Helene became pregnant with him while interned at Stutthof. As an infant, he was tattooed and subjected to cruel medical experiments. His grandmother Anna was gassed to death, a death affirmed by the Yad Vashem. In a gesture of Jewish empathy and compassion, he publicly forgave Dey and gave him a hug. The problem is Moshe was actually born Peter Oswald Loth, to a Protestant German family. His older brother Gustav was a corporal in the Waffen-SS and nobody in his family ever set foot in a concentrat

Churchill Wanted to “Drench” Masses of German Civilians with Poison Gas

Image In a secret wartime memorandum, Winston Churchill told his advisers that he wanted to "drench" Germany with poison gas. Churchill's July 1944 memo to his chief of staff Gen. Hastings Ismay was reproduced in the August-September 1985 issue of American Heritage magazine. "I you to think very seriously over this question of poison gas," the four-page note began. Britain's wartime leader continued: "It is absurd to consider morality on this topic when everybody used it [gas] in the last war without a word of complaint from the moralists or the Church. On the other hand, in the last war the bombing of open cities was regarded as forbidden. Now everybody does it as a matter of course. It is simply a question of fashion changing as she does between long and short skirts for women." Churchill's directive bluntly stated: &qu

Kenosha: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories

Image A 17-year-old boy was charged with murder in the first degree after opening fire on three anarchist rioters in two seperate incidents. ( National Justice ) The accused, Kyle Rittenhouse, is from Antioch, Illinois, just 21 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha with his AR-15 in order to protect small business owners and citizens who were being victimized after being abandoned by their state government and police. Footage obtained by anti-extremism watchdog AntifaWatch shows the first shooting. In the video, a masked man named Joseph D. Rosenbaum is shown chasing Rittenhouse and throwing what some have claimed may have been an improvised explosive, but this has not yet been confirmed. Rittenhouse then shot Rosenbaum in the head as he charged and tried to take his rifle, an injury the attacker later died of. Earlier in the night,

Jewish Communist Che Guevara Was Not a Fan of Black People

Image Recently I put together a few quotes by Marx and Engels, showing their true thoughts about “niggers” and how it is ridiculous for BLM leaders to call themselves trained Marxists. Now I want to turn my attention to comrade Che, a real darling of the “woke” crowd in America (and around the world). The Cuban Communist icon is so popular that NYC Mayor Bill  De Blasio shouted his famous slogan ,  ‘Hasta la victoria siempre!’  (until victory, always!) at a Miami rally. He claimed he did not know where the slogan originated, but I doubt I could use that excuse if I shouted  ‘Sieg heil!’  in a speech. I have to wonder what Bill thinks about Che’s views on race, considering he has a Blacktivist daughter who was arrested for rioting in her father’s city. Che Guevara was not interested in helping to “liberate” the Black man whatsoever. After the Cuban Revolution in 1959 was successful, he said: We’re going to

The White Idiot Donald Trump’s college admission under investigation after new evidence of SAT fraud emerges Professors have asked President Donald Trump’s alma mater to investigate his admittance to the university decades ago based on “new evidence” revealed by his niece. Eric Orts and five other faculty members have renewed their request that the University of Pennsylvania to look into Trump’s transfer into the school in 1966 after his niece Mary Trump claimed in her recent book that he had paid someone else to take his SAT exam, reported the Washington Post. Penn’s provost told Orts on July 20 that the admissions process had taken place too long ago to make an investigation possible, but added that might be possible if new evidence surfaced to substantiate Mary Trump’s claim. Orts said he contacted provost Wendell Pritchett again after the Post published audio recordings made by Mary Trump of her conversations with Maryanne Trump Barry, her aunt and the president’

National NAACP takes control of Philadelphia chapter over president’s anti-Semitic social media post ( JTA ) — The national leadership of the NAACP will take over the Philadelphia chapter following an outcry over an  anti-Semitic social media post by the chapter’s president . The executive committee of the Philadelphia chapter voted on Aug. 20 to give the national office of the NAACP full control over the chapter and to transition to new leadership, the Philadelphia Tribune  reported  Wednesday. The announcement of the takeover came a day after  local Black and Jewish leaders held a virtual discussion  to address Muhammad’s social media post and smooth tensions between the two communities. Muhammad did not participate, according to the Tribune. Local Jewish organizations, along with local and state officials, have been calling for the resignation or removal of Rodney Muhammad as the chapter president. Muhammad’s post on his Facebook page last month was taken down amid the backlash, and he said in a statement that he had not known the image

‘Israel’ and ‘elites’: The Republican convention sends mixed messages to Jews ( JTA ) — Israel came up every one of the four nights of the Republican convention. So did “elites.” Speakers as diverse as Vice President Mike Pence and a lobsterman from Maine cited moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem as evidence that President Donald Trump is a man of his word. Just as reliable were the invocations of “elites,” an amorphous class of people who at best ignored the average American’s needs and at worst sought to control your thinking. The mention of the Jewish national homeland and a mythical centralized control-wielding power tied together the two strands woven through the fraught story of President Donald Trump’s administration and America’s Jewish community: its tight embrace of right-wing pro-Israel orthodoxies and its perceived bigotry. Tru