Saturday, July 18, 2020

UK’s Miss Swimsuit Stripped Of Title For “Racist” Statement

Jasmine Archer-Jones recently had her title stripped from her for posting the truth.
Two weeks after her post, her boyfriend posted this image:
While our readers here know this is actually a “jewish” lie, it still goes to show that if you go against the anti White narrative, you will be punished. She has since deleted the post and has made her Twitter private. I’ve been seeing a lot of young White women publicly standing up against the anti-White insanity. It is very good to see and I hope that her fans will also start to see the truth. Unfortunately her boyfriend appears to be a Trumptard. The Miss Swimsuit organization responded, saying:
The aim of Miss Swimsuit UK is to shape the beauty stars of tomorrow, meeting the demand among today’s social media generation for glamorous, accessible role models that they can aspire to and emulate.
That’s right! You can’t stand up for White people as an attractive woman but you can use your attractiveness to destroy White people. I’m glad to see more people speaking out against the insanity.

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