Monday, July 13, 2020

Two Elderly White Men Stabbed By Black Man On Subway

The crime wave in cities like NYC continues to escalate. During the July 4 weekend the city saw 21 shootings that left 44 people injured and eight dead. The NYPD has even stated that they have “lost control”. Of course this is all by design.
I had originally seen the video of the stabbing up on TikTok, but it has since been taken down from there. This is most likely being done in order to control the narrative, because this could be seen by some to be racially motivated, especially given all the anti-White rhetoric being spewed from the mass media.
I do not understand how someone can just stand by and film all of this happening. Why not pull the emergency alarm on the subway? Why not leave to another car and try to get help? Was the person filming part of the stabbing?
These kinds of incidents are becoming more and more common. The FBI is off investigating “attempted lynchings” while actual “hate crimes “are being committed without any intervention or investigation.
I used to ride this exact Subway line. This happened in broad daylight in the early morning hours. These crimes are no longer happening under the cloak of darkness. These criminals feel emboldened and invincible. They may not be very smart, but they’ve figured out that they can literally get away with murder in an anti White, jewish created society.

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