Saturday, July 11, 2020

Trump’s ‘living on credit’ life is about to be exposed as ‘ugly, small and dirty’ by his tax returns: Rick Wilson

In a gloating column about the Supreme Court handing New York prosecutors Donald Trump’s tax returns to be used in a criminal investigation, GOP campaign consultant and “Never Trumper’ Rick Wilson said the president’s years of boasting he is a billionaire is about to be exposed as complete “bullsh*t” and that the president knows it and is terrified by the thought of it.

To set the stage, Wilson wrote in the Daily Beast that in 2015, alarmed by the rise of Trump he spoke with a hedge funder about derailing the New York real estate developers fledgling campaign, saying, “We have to stop this guy. He’s a billionaire. He could fund his own campaign” to which he was told, “Trump is not a billionaire. I’m a billionaire. Trump is a clown, living on credit.”

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That, Wilson wrote, is why Trump went on “a hissy-fit, foot-stomping ragefest against the Supreme Court” after Thursday’s 7-2 decision.

Writing that Trump knows his tax returns will paint a picture of not a successful multibillionaire “but one of clown, living on credit, a third-rate real-estate developer with a first-rate talent for fleecing banks and vendors,” Wilson added the president is now frantic because he faces winning re-election but also being known as a fraud, or losing and knowing worse awaits him in the form of criminal charges.

“His accounting firm will likely be revealed to be exploiting every tax loophole up to and over the edge of the law, and he’ll be shown to be a master of the bullsh*t paper tornado. Of course, we’ll also discover that the supposed audits are just one more lie in an endless chain of lies,” Wilson explained. “What really bothers Trump, what unsettled him to his core, is that the decision to reveal his taxes to the New York grand jury comes at the same time his political fortunes have taken a nosedive.”

Referencing the bombshell book by Trump’s niece Mary that will be released next week and details his abusive relationship with his father, Wilson stated that the president has one thing in common with his dad: the desire to appear to be rich.

“Pretending he was too rich to be bought was absolutely central to his success in 2016. But Donald Trump would chase a dollar bill on a string through a trailer park, and he’s sold this country on the cheap since his election,” Wilson wrote. “That’s why the coming exposure of his finances has shaken Trump to the core. He’s thinking about actual audits, and real financial and potentially even legal consequences, awaiting him in his post-presidential years.”

“Mary Trump’s book demonstrated that Donald’s failures started early, and iterated across every single part of his life; personal, professional, and political. He can pose and posture all he wants — the biggest buildings, the biggest dick, the biggest crowds, the best, the first, the most — but it’s all bullsh*t, piled on top of more bullsh*t,” he elaborated.

Wilson added that the double whammy of Mary Trump’s book and the upcoming tax return revelations will allow Americans to see for themselves that the “seamy, seedy reality of Donald Trump is ugly, small, and dirty.”

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