Friday, July 3, 2020

Threatened White Woman Draws Gun On Hostile Black Women

Twitter is going crazy about a recent “Karen” incident. In the heavily edited version of the video on Twitter, we see a White woman pointing a gun at a black woman and her daughter who are holding the phone recording the incident. We are being told that this evil White woman just randomly decided to point her gun at these two innocent black people.
The full altercation is here:
Apparently this evil “Karen” bumped into the black woman’s daughter and didn’t say excuse me. This then developed into an argument about how the White woman was “ignorant” and “racist”. As the White woman backs out of her parking space to leave, one of the black women gets in her way and stars hitting her car. The camera pans away and next thing we see is the White woman holding her gun and pointing it at the group of black women that were hitting her car and blocking her from being able to back out.
Notice how the black women say to “call the police”. I’m sorry, I thought the police were White supremacists that needed to be de funded?
I personally think the situation could have been handled a little bit differently, but it still doesn’t make this White woman some kind of “evil racist.” If angry and hostile black people are preventing you from backing out of your parking space and proceed to hit your vehicle, you’re going to feel physically threatened. We’ve seen how these angry black mobs have pulled White people out of their cars and beaten them, and how they have jumped on their cars to smash them as crying children sit inside terrified. When adrenaline is flooding through the body we don’t always have a clear head. What might have been better was to not engage in the “I’m not racist” argument in the first place, but I know it’s easy for me to sit here and say what she should have done.
Nothing can excuse the behavior of these hateful and violent black women. If the black women weren’t going to move from behind her car, just keep driving. These are situations that our people are faced with every day and I’m happy to know that women like this “Karen” are carrying at all times. Her grip was good, her finger was off the trigger, and she had a compact stance. One criticism is that she did look away for long instances where she could have easily been disarmed. What I really want to know is what happened to the White man who was there at the beginning?

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