Saturday, July 18, 2020

The U.S. Military Might Be The Only Hope To Save The American People

Before I begin to write this article, do not think for even half a moment that II wish nor do I support the idea of living under a military dictatorship of any kind; this is just speculation on my part about the direction that America might take to fend off growing tension in the nation.  It has become very apparent that Donald Trumpski will be out of office in the upcoming November elections, much to my joy but do not expect many real changes in the nation in the next 4 years with Joe Biden as he is just way too old and he might not even survive the next 4 years in office; which is why his pick of a woman vice president is crucial to understand the Jewish narrative  of multiculturalism and how they tried to get a female president in Hillary Clinton but now they will be able to achieve such a feat within the next 4 years to push the nation towards more so called "liberal" ideas and ideals.  Who knows if the so called white idiots iin the Republican Party will allow this as they continue to shift more to the right of the political spectrum far more quickly than their Democratic members who remain more conservative centrist at best.  That is why there is much of a resistance in their base to elect Bernie Sanders due to his socialist views but he has proven to be right about the economic inequalities of the nation that has haunted the country for almost 40 years and that is why elements of the Biden campaign is endorsing some of his ideas in their upcoming administration.

However there is still the dark elephant in the room about what to do with Trumpski.  He might not leave the white house in a peaceful manner because he fears what a new administration might charge him with.  I am fairly confident that a deal will be struck that allows Trump to leave the white house and the court cases against him might get dropped and he won't leave the white house without such a deal.  That is where the military will step in, remove him from office, and allow for a peaceful transition of power in the United States; the first time in the nation's history.  But to think that it would get this bad that a proud narcissistic would be able to get into office thanks to the weak electoral college system.  That is why I foresee most states scrapping the electoral college and its winner take all system for a more democratic, republican form where votes are distributed based on proportional representation.  Of course, I see much hope and a better world to come in the next ten years and I still keep an optimistic view of things as I believe that good will always triumph over evil

And that brings me to the title of this article, could a military take over be a better situation than what we had before?  I have looked at the numbers and some Americans do not mind living under a military state as we currently live under a police state anyways.  There has been misplaced hope that the military will side with the people on all matters and give Americans a chance to have a real economic freedom.  I am hopeful that the military MIGHT do this but I know that a military take over almost never ends well unless it leads to a more democratic governing system and that is where I am hopeful that happens here in America.  I am hopeful that someone in the military is reading this and saying that the American people need a government that actually represents them and is willing to fight for the interests of the majority of the people and end all forms of racial, economic, and social injustices to make the nation a more fair and equitable society for all Americans.  We do what we can in hopes of sparking a movement of peaceful resistance to such an evil system but we know that God is in control and those at the top that are engaging in evil might escape the justice of men, but they will NEVER escape the justice of God when their souls leave this planet!

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