Friday, July 31, 2020

The Truth About The Supposed Holocaust

Earlier this week, I received some emails asking me why do I "hate" the Jewish people; of course I quickly responded that they have not been ardently and carefully reading any of my articles.  However, I am given pause to wonder if they simply misunderstand my motives in thinking that I wish to see any harm fall upon the Jewish people.  Those who have known me for the past 6 years know that I wish not to see any real harm fall upon the heads of others but I seek to expose all injustices and the people behind such evil.  It just "happens" that most of the people behind all the evil in this world "happen" to be Freemasons, Elitist Jews, and the rest of mankind that they have convinced to go along with them on these evil plans.  Such plans like global enslavement to debt, starvation, famine, disease, wars, and any such evil that you can think of they are all behind it.  Yet, I have made several distinctions between the regular Jewish people and the Jewish Elites who are driving so called antisemitic feelings towards their own people.  From my inception to studying the Jewish problem back in 2009, I quickly realized that the term should be called anti Jewish sentiments and not antisemitism for it incorrectly implies that Jews are a race yet Jews proclaim themselves not to be a race yet they act like they are a race within the human species.  It has always been a known historical fact that all cultures that contain Jewish people and so called Jewish DNA still cling to the supremacist  ideology that Jews are God's chosen people, yet even Jewish Christians have acknowledged that only those who have accepted Christ as Lord of their lives will receive the spiritual gifts of salvation and not only the temporary, physical anointment of salvation as God's own people.  I have always stated that ALL human beings are God's chosen people, which is why I always make sure that I fight against the suffering of all human beings and those who lack a voice for the world to hear about their suffering. 

Still I have demurred from the original topic and title of this article which involves the supposed Holocaust, a title that is often misleading since the term was taken from the Greek language (another example of Jewish theft of Gentile identity) and it literally means "burnt sacrifice".  However, it has always been the events that occurred from the years of 1939 to 1945 during the second world war that has always made me skeptical.  From the stories of the gas chambers, to the Jewish soap skins, and the numerous amounts of holocaust survivors, one can easily surmise that such an event probably never took place.  I am one of the few who believe that there was SOME truths to the suffering of Jews during the era of The Third Reich but I firmly believe that such sufferings were greatly exaggerated.  All forms of human genocide of any group of people is abhorrent but it is EVEN more abhorrent to use the memories of the deceased to try and advance a political agenda for global domination, which is what we have been seeing for decades after the end of the second world war; a war that has been leaving lasting impact on the world and that we are currently living under.   The Holocaust historians have even admitted to having skeptical attitudes about some of the stories told by Jewish historians and even the self declared 6 million Jewish victims of the war has never been accurately verified as there wasn't even 6 million Jews living in all of the areas of Europe at the time of the war.  Then there is also the issue of the fake gas chambers that couldn't have existed within such rooms as designed in the concentration camps and the mathematical/scientific lie that they could burn millions of bodies and turn them into ashes when it takes a minimum of 2 days to completely incinerate them. 

We are often told that if we do not accept the 6 million lie that we are guilty of killing Jews a second time and that we are not respecting the memory of dead or living Jews, yet I have posed a question that not a single Jewish supremacist can entirely answer: what makes the death of the Jews in World War 2 so much more important than the death of non Jews?  Is Jewish suffering more important than the suffering of all of mankind?  Is Jewish life more valuable than that of non Jews?  Of course the answer for any humanist and devout follower of Christ knows the answer to such question but for the Jews, they believe that they are the perpetual victims of the world and that the world will never know peace until the world apologizes and accepts the guilt trip lies that we are all guilty of doing evil to Jews.  Yet till this day, not a single Jew has ever accepted the Peace of God and the salvation of Christ so they know NOT the peace of God nor do they know the beauty of salvation in Christ.  That is because the Jewish religion is devoid of any spiritual life in it and offers nothing of spiritual value for mankind as it is only focused on the secular side of humanity, completely obsessed with storing money and fame for themselves while the world suffers thanks to the same evil that they have adopted.  This is not to even mention the evil concept of Zionism and the evil done to the Palestinian people who have lost their homes, their national identity, and have been denied a viable future simply for living in historical Palestine for hundreds of years before a single Zionist Jew ever entered that territory.  Now we have the fake, genocidal state of Israel exporting terror to other nations as can be seen with the rise of police brutality here in America as the nation has learned their police fighting tactics from the same Israeli military that practices the same heavy handed tactics against a defenseless population.  Odd how the so called Blacks still cannot see that it isn't the so called Whites who have been brutalizing them for years but they learned all of these destructive, abusive tactics from their Jewish masters in Israel and from the Elitist Jews who have ruined this world.

Yet I still work with non Elitist Jews who have awakened to the evils done by those who claim to represent them and are trying to destroy all that the Lord has created for mankind.  I have always found it very strange that the same people who claim that I am a violent person, yet I do not own any weapons, nor do I advocate for an ounce of violence against any human or animal, nor do I have a criminal history of any kind, consider me a threat while they are the ones killing, raping, and robbing the world merely to hold onto power while worshiping money and not giving glory to the Lord who created all that we have and without His Love and Mercy, we are nothing.  It is why I will never stop my war to continue to expose all these injustices because we owe it to those who have sacrificed their lives to make this world a better place for all of mankind.  I know that such an iidea iis considered inflammable thanks to centuries of the evil thought processes of mankind, but some people are awakening and there iis always hope in Christ that we can be selected as one of His Elect, but until that day arrives, we must never stop exposing evil and showing immense bravery to do what we can to diminish its influence wherever we can.


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