Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Truth About Immigration In America

The link above is a very important resource as to what American immigration (legal immigration) and how it is slanted to favor those who have greater income in their home countries.  I know that the video is more than 12 minutes long but the facts and the way that immigration is explained is so basic and easy to understand that it benefits the mind.  Now let me state some facts about myself that will likely shock some of my subscribers and followers.  First of all, I am an actual immigrant to the United States; I came here in 1995 with my mom, dad, and 3 sisters and have lived here for the past 25 years and I became a citizen in 2011.  I was very fortunate to have come here and have become relatively successful due to the overall kindness and generosity of the country at a very young age of 9 years old.  I have basically assimilated into the country's culture but I still retain parts of my own Nigerian culture so I guess you can say that I enjoy the best that both worlds have to offer.  I came here legally thanks to the high costs of legal immigration; the green card cost 5000 USD per child and 2000 USD per adult.  We were able to pay these high costs because we were wealthy back in Nigeria and we used the advantages of that wealth to make the transition into the United States.  Sure we lived iin poverty as we had to start all over but I have managed to escape poverty and I work 70  hours a week for 9 out of 12 months each year and as I have told many, it was God who did it all not me.  It is this fact that most Americans do not understand about their immigration system, it is designed to take from the best and brightest of the third world and bring them to contribute to the first world economy of first world nations.  That is why so many people remain opposed to immigration in general.  As for illegal immigration, the people who stay here illegally or enter illegally are not really a threat to the American economy or people as they work low wage jobs that most Americans detest to work and they contribute greatly to the economy.  There should be at least a pathway for them to be allowed to become citizens of this land but as we all know, the reason that there is great opposition to this is due to "racial" disagreements and the desire of many "white" idiots who wish to keep their majority, which is already declining and will ultimately be destroyed in less than 50 years time here in America.  And I have always stated that this change will allow for greater positive change in the nation as it is very clear that the Elites of American society wants this and in the end, money always talks and they will get their way. It might take some more years but as I have predicted for the past 2 years, there will be immigration reform that gives the so called illegal aliens a chance to openly and safely contribute to American life.  The ultimate question is what will happen to those who oppose this; will they tear the nation into a second civiil war merely for the fake concept of race or will justice and the Peace of God prevail?  I know the answer to such a question and so do the vast majority of most Americans.

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