Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Trump Error Will End Very Soon.....Thankfully!

A few days ago, I was going to write a piece on this very website about how it was highly likely that Trump was being set up by the same "deep state" (I.E. Elitist Jews and "White" Freemasons) that helped put him in office to push their agenda but have turned against him when they saw how quickly he was opposed by much of the population.  Till this day, I still insist that Trump will do what the late Lyndon B. Johnson did in 1968 and not even try to run for re-election and will try to fade away from the country but alas his pride, ego, and narcissistic tendencies renders such an action one that he is unlikely to ever take.  Before Trump held a meeting with the current president of Mexico, he was under yet another scandal involving the pardoning of one of his allies, and before that, he was facing a supreme court decision that would allow for him to be fully persecuted and his tax information to be made public.  I suspect that Trumpski sees the writings on the wall, as I have said since March, that he has NO chance to win in November even if he runs and he will simply try and sabotage his very small base to the point that even they will have to turn against him.  Yet, I already know that much of his base are literally "white" idiots who wish to see someone who will pander to the false notions of racial nationalism; the same concept that I constantly preach against to all of human kind as that serves to divide people from accepting The Peace of God and to join together to make this world a better place for future generations to come.  The same white idiots have become complacent and have decided to follow false leaders who follow false gods and believe in false ideals that have proven to have failed long before they were even born.  They deserve nothing but mental anguish everything that they try to sleep and whenever they are awake.  They could have taken up the mantle of resistance of peacefully protesting and refusing to comply with a system that was corrupt from its inception to try and force a national dialogue to try and fix the many problems in American society so that this nation can fulfill its promise of equality for all men and women.  They allowed their minds to become poisoned by the false notions of choice in the current American politician system despite the facts that both parities serve the same masters of corporatism by stating that the "lesser" of two evils is a better choice rather than admitting that to support even an ounce of evil condemns one's soul to utter destruction and makes their beliefs seem foolish.  It was that reason and many more reasons that I left The Cause as early as 2015; it also didn't hurt that I began to see most of its members as nothing more than white and black idiots who have literally lost their minds as they cling to fully debunked conspiracy theories such as flat earth, Q-Non, and the lies that COVID-19 is a virus that was engineered in a lab among many other lies. 

The article that I referenced iin the beginning of this post serves as evidence that Trump will now begin to find a pathway for citizenship for the DACA residents or "dreamers".  Honestly, I don't have an issue with that as I have never referred to any human being as an "illegal" entity for I know once such a language is normalized, it will allow for the continued dehumanization of mankind and for the useless divisions of national origins that will allow the satanic forces of evil to succeed in their evil quests to destroy us all.  I have begun to grasp what the final endgame of Trumpski will be.  He already knows that his base will not help him win re-election as his policies are wildly unpopular and he knows that his own political party, The Republicans, will work with The Democrats to end his freedom so he has no more reason to try and appease a base he never cared for.  All he is trying to now do is pander to the millions of non whites as he knows, like I do, that Latinos are the future of American politics and to deny such a reality is to deny the truth in front of his very own eyes.  There will still be many Trumptards (aka white idiots) who will claim that this is a game of 6-D Chess and that he is trying to outsmart The Democrats but all he is merely doing is pandering to racial politics that will very likely force what little base he has to fully abandon him.  Who knows, maybe this was always his plan all along; to cede the nation over to one party rule for several decades to ruin the very party that he ran for.  I fully expect not only for Trump to lose but for the entire Republican party to lose in November and this might be the best thing to happen to them as it will force their party to try and appeal to more Americans and to abandon the failed policy of so called racial politics.  Yes, that will mean that many white idiots (thankfully there aren't much of those left in America) to turn to far riight groups and thus, make themselves easy picking for law enforcement to silence and intimidate or jail as they will try to advocate for violence and a "return" to a failed ideal of an America where so called race plays a role in day to day affairs. 

Unlike most Americans, I see all that is happening to be in God's will and it is all a part of His divine plan to cut away the weak among this world.  For as over 135,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 in the past 3 months, it has caused some to turn to the Lord to make sense of why they are dying so quickly.  I have warned them for the past 2 years to STOP engaging in the sins of greed and gluttony but they have chosen to worship and listen to false leaders who worship false gods and believe in false ideals.  Yet there is already hope that people are listening to me as one of my coworkers thanked me for opening his eyes to such evils and has turned all aspects of his life to The Lord and will do His work to educate mankind to stop fattening their stomachs while their fellow human beings are suffering greatly due to the stubbornness of mankind to stop doing evil to each other.  I see a very bright future for America and Americans as much needed changes will occur to offset the risk of social unrest by addressing wealth inequalities and iin such an America, all the white idiots who followed the lies of Trump of stoking racial fears and blaming immigrants just so that he could gain power, will find themselves left out of the great bounties that the Lord will give those who have remained faithful onto Him and His plans and His words.  Of course most will try to slander my words but rest assured that I will be proven correct and the low IQ of the Trumptards will continue to be exposed while the rest of the world laughs at them and gives truth to my labeling of them as white idiots who helped destroy their nation by a foolish belief in not just conspiracy theories but also that there was ever a white race to begin with. 

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