Tuesday, July 28, 2020

The Protests Are Working!

Please do not confuse my support for the ongoing protests in American cities as a stance in favor of the Black Lives Matters movement nor am I in support of any looters, rioters, and human beings who are destroying the properties of anyone.  However, I do stand in support of those who are vocally against the presidency of Donald Trump and stand against those who proudly support him.  As I have written earlier, I have been encouraging many disillusioned Americans to take to the streets to peacefully protest a system of oppression at the hands of the unjust U.S. government.  It is finally good to see large segments of the population begin to stand up and demand an end to all forms of injustices.  The truth is that much of the protests have been spurred by economic injustices that really became more visibly widespread thanks to COVID-19.  Then you add on the fact that people are dying in large numbers and there seems to be a lack of leadership at the very top on how to handle such a pandemic and people are feeling a sense of tension with no hope and no end in sight.  I say this to the protesters: keep up the good work, keep on putting the pressure on all facets of American life, and keep on showing the police that you are not afraid to stand up to them.  Yes, they will likely kill you, get you fired, and do un-imaginable evils onto you and those you love but rest assured that such sacrifices will no go over-looked and that you are laying the seeds and the foundation of change in this nation.  In the end, there will be much positive changes to come from these protests and you will force the hands of the American elites to address economic and racial injustices in their society.  The first step in doing that was protesting and the next step will be to vote out Donald Trump and ALL people who helped enable his illegitimate presidency in the first place.  Next, we need to address all the societal problems in America so that future generations can have a better planet and world to inherit once our present day generations have fulfilled our duties both to God and to each other.  I do what I can from my own computer to galvanize others to take a stand against all forms of injustices and for that I am blessed to fulfill the duties presented to me by my grandmother many years ago. I wish that I could do more at times but in this way, I can inspire others to take up the mantle after I leave this earth or I am illegally detained and probably killed by the American government for speaking out against injustices within their society.  I would also advice this to the American elites; either you eventually give up some of the money in order to keep the power or be faced with a scenario where you neither have any of the power or the money and the nation disintegrates.  That is why I have been urging peaceful protests so that the American elites can see that changes must occur in the country or else the American experiment will end in a few short years.  I do not wish to see that happen and I do not wish to see that same system be dismantled.  All I wish to do is to preserve such a system by addressing inequalities within the system so that it can function at a better, efficient way for all human beings regardless of their backgrounds.  Such is the noble goal of mine and if I must die to see such a reality occur, then the Lord has my soul for an eternity to come!

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