Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Importance Of The Elect In The Christian Faith

It took me a really long time to embrace the Christian faith even though I was born within it and I was raised to believe in most of the concepts but as I grew older, I lost sight of that.  When I was 14 years old, I spoke to my pastor about what really constitutes a sin and he told me that anything that I was doing that wasn't bringing glory to God was a sin and that I should turn away from that.  At first, I was appalled that God would be so selfish to demand such a thing from his creations but then again, that is how free will works and people are free to do or free to not do what is in their best interest.  It was at that moment, at age 14, that I declared myself an atheist and vowed to live my life for myself.  Yet here I am, 20 years later, and I have fully embraced most of the major tenets of the Christian faith because the Lord has shown me his grace numerous times in those 20 years to save my life time and time again.  I should have been dead at the age of 23 and again at numerous times after that age but it was the grace of the Lord that helped me see the error of my past ways.  Now I reach out to people to warn them by also trying to convince them to accept aspects of the Christian faith and to a larger degree, of our creator, God, that the concepts of heaven and hell are real and that God will send His own creations to hell out of HIS LOVE for all of mankind.  That is because the concept of The Elect and that His son died NOT for the sins of the world but for the sins of His Elect is what grants us peace and the hope of salvation in our lives.  We can see that by the fruits of the labor of our brothers and sisters those who have a greater chance of ascending to be seated at the right hand of The Father.  If you believe that everyone is saved, then it renders the concept of salvation meaningless in its most abstract sense and it renders salvation meaningless.  However, if you accept the truth as stated in The Scriptures that only a very small amount of humans will be saved due to the immense fall of mankind.  The truth is that due to original sin, mankind can never bridge the gap to salvation and the blood of animals will never be enough to cover the sins of this world.  That is why God sent His only son to be that source of atonement for the very few Elect of humanity to sit alongside of Him.  It was this very concept that caused me to rebel against the Christian faith but now I am fully aware that our call in life is to worship the one who created all that was seen and unseen in this world by showing love and kindness to His creations and calling on all humans to finally accept The Peace of God and to turn away from doing evil and to look after one another.  There is still time for mankind for there is stiill hope that human beings will finally reject evil and accept God because The One who created them, created them for good as He is a good being in Himself.

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