Sunday, July 5, 2020

Some Myths On The Jewish "Problem"

For the past 6 years, I have been upfront on who has been running much of Western societies; I have been clear that it is a combination of satanic forces that can safely be identified as Elitist Jews and "White" Freemasons.  However, this has elicited some misnomers and misconceptions that I am merely targeting ALL groups who call themselves "whites" and Jews.  Let me be very very very clear; this is an issue of corruption within the HUMAN species where human beings have let themselves become mentally, physically, spiritually, and psychologically enslaved to believe that they do not have any rights in this new societal paradigm.  Often I have told people that all they simply need to do is stand up, stop allowing themselves to be used, and take courage to know that they are the majority and such satanic/demonic forces cannot overtake their souls as the Lord is on their side for He has created them to do good, while the evil doers will have no say over His creations and creatures.  Sadly much of the world remains asleep out of fear of losing their lives and their so called freedoms but rest assured that the hope within mankind will never be extinguished as long as The Lord lives within our hearts.  I have made alliances with some Jews who speak out against injustices within this society and all over this world and have no issues with them for they share the same human DNA as all of God's creatures; I have just been very skeptical that in the end, they will do what is right and stand up for ALL of God's creatures, but there has been historical precedence to see that they are able to do so.  In World War 2, about 500 Jews fought on the side of The Third Reich and died to defend that regime for they know that the war was ultimately against both Capitalism and Communism and they felt that Adolf Hitler was trying to lead his people to a new era of glory.  I won't bore anyone with the outcomes and why He lost but I feel that He became too powerful for his own good which led him to make callous mistakes as he ended up fighting a three front war that ultimately led to his defeat.  It is also due to my own research that The Third Reich lost a lot of their men but nowhere near as much when compared to the Allied Powers of that time and they were the superior fighting force that was led by men who lacked a proper cohesion and military tactics to overcome fighting a three front war.

The Jews are just like all of us, they have allowed a small group of humans who worship money instead of The Lord, the one who created all that was seen and unseen, and as a result, they are being blamed for much of the world's problems.  Yet I keep running across some Jews who know about how corrupt this world has become and they wish to join the movement for The Peace of God; they just don't know where I stand on them as well as so called whites.  Let me be very clear, if you are against human suffering and wish to peacefully protest to awaken the population to the evils that is going on around them, then consider me your ally in the current awakening that has long predated even myself.  People do not know how often The Freemasons have tried to recruit me to join their ranks; even one of my former coworkers is a proud mason and while I love him as a human being, I have also been very clear to him that I cannot support such an idea for The Masons embrace satanic rituals, symbols, and have conspired to kill God's creatures and I will NEVER serve evil and those who engage in such actions for my love for The Lord is far too great to let myself be tempted into such evil destructive actions.  The suspicions that people have against Jews have always been historical and also a question as to what are their ultimate reasons for joining any movement to try and make society a better one.  Many revolutions that started off with noble intentions were easily corrupted by men of questionable morals and ethics and many of these men "just happen" to have Jewish or Masonic alliances.

Even one of my comrades who wanted to promote my works and enter into a business league with me admitted that he was only interested in my fight against all social injustices because he wanted revenge against so called rich Jews who he felt had cheated him out of money that was rightfully his and he didn't like that other Jews had robbed his own Jewish family of money.  I quickly told him that my movement is not one of revenge for I preach about the blessings of forgetfulness and how we must accept the status quo but seek to make amends to each other and to find a way to move forward and live in peace and look after one another, all humans, Jews and Non-Jews.  He accepted my decision and now I call him a friend for he has quickly seen that his plots for revenge would do nothing to allow for humanity to heal and to stop centuries of un-needed conflicts.  For when we all leave this realm and stand before The Lord and accept His judgement as to what we have done and what we have left undone during our time on this planet with the hope that we are chosen as one of His Elect.  In heaven, there is no Jew and Non Jew; it is merely The Elect which will encompass ALL humans from all so called races and from all cultures from all corners of the planet.  It is this very idea that most Jews find abhorrent for those of the Christian faith, which is why they wish to declare the Old Testament as a source of so called antisemitism.  I have spoken about how that very word is used to stifle actual discussions on what is going on in the world involving the elitist Jews who are running the show and the rest of the Jewish population.  I have stated that the term should really be "anti Jewish" as it is pertaining to a discussion of a culture and not to a "race" of Semitic people, a people that also includes my Palestinian brothers and sisters who are also of the same faith as myself who are also suffering gravely from an occupation that has lasted almost a century without the freedom to live their lives in The Peace of God upon His earth.  Yet here in the current awakening of America, Jews have now worked to align themselves with both whites and blacks and to fight for equality and justice for all people and that is a good sign that good is winning over evil.  I remain suspicious of all humans but I will continue on with trying to help all humans until they show me that they wish to fight for evil and at that point I will simply step away and let God's magical works continue.  Because in the end, it is His world and His will shall always prevail.  My only real meaningful goal for my life is to be one of His Elect and join Him in heaven but until that time comes, I use my talents as a writer, as a journalist, as a humanist, to inspire others to use their own talents (that God gave them as He gave to us all) to expose the satanic, demonic forces around us all so that all of God's creatures take the courage and strength to look them iin the eye and tell them that though they can destroy our bodies, destroy our families, and destroy our lives, our souls belongs to The Lord and because we have faith in Him for us, we know that we are on the side of good and that in the end, we shall be vindicated as one of His Elect. 

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