Monday, July 13, 2020

#JewishPrivilege Trends on Twitter and Causes Massive Kvetching

White privilege needs to discussed and dismantled ad nauseum. It happens on TV, in movies, in books, newspapers, social media, etc. Our entire “culture” is now dedicated to waging war on “White privilege,” and if you don’t like it, then you’re a bigoted Nazi racist who needs to have his or her life CANCELED!
Most Whites have been scared by this intense psychological warfare and shut their mouths. This is a key component to the White genocide agenda.
If you try to bring up jewish privilege, however, jewish people go nuts! They ignore the definition of privilege and deny that they could possibly have privilege because… well… never forget the Holocaust, goyim!
Four days after I published the above article #JewishPrivilege started to trend on Twitter. I honestly do not know how this started, but I am loving it.
Most of the tweets are now from jews endlessly kvetching about their fake Holocaust.
Here’s a VERY small sampling.
Just go see for yourselves:

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