Monday, July 20, 2020

Jewish “Humor” That Reveals Why They Are Not Us — #JewishPrivilege

Warning: The following video contains adult subject matter. Of course it does, because it’s what jews consider funny. I stumbled across this short video on YouTube about a 28-year-old, soon to be married, Orthodox Jewish woman having to deal with a “small” problem during a Jewish Sabbath meal with her and her fiance’s family. I’ll comment after the video.
Where to begin? The young jewess, who at age 28, still considers herself having plenty of time to bear children says a lot. She and several others at the table have that dirty red hair color, not the true red of the Celtic women. Notice how they even use a ritual bowl to pour out their drinks; one jew must not think another jew is receiving a bigger portion. That wouldn’t be kosher.
As an Orthodox jew she is supposed to be pure entering into marriage, but on the side has been using a big black electronic dildo to satisfy her sexual needs; it’s something you would probably buy from a jewish porn site. At the end of the video, who is really surprised to see that all the jewish women are familiar with the device? What does that tell you about their men? However, the mel (melenated man) doesn’t seem to know anything about such a device; now that is believable, sure.
The little children are exposed to her sexual device in her bedroom and in the process of playing with it turn it on, causing it to make a vibrating noise that can be heard at the dinner table. Due to their arcane religious practices the jewess is not allowed to turn off the device on Sabbath and then must run outside to try and find a non-jew to turn it off for her. One wonders how these people handle an actual life-threatening event if it requires the use of some kind of device to help save a person. I’m sure if it was a non-jewish life they would simply stand by and let the person die. Here is another reason why they must parasite off of non-jews. With religious dogma like this, how long would they survive if completely separated from the rest of the world population?
In flagging down the one lone non-jew in her orthodox neighborhood, she finds a mel and then uses what, if it came out of a White person’s mouth, would be considered horribly racist language and the “racist’s” life should be ruined,if not ended outright. But, it’s okay because, hey, they’re jews. When one of the other older jewish women surprises the young jewess and the mel trying to turn off the dildo (in one of those so funny sight gags that we have seen about a million times), the young jewess explains to her why he is there, as a shabbos goy to help her do something she is not allowed to do. I believe she even mumbles that she paid him.
Of course the mel is a sophisticated med student, Davian White (a mel named White) and is soon invited to join the family at the dinner table, after the young jewess lies to her family that he is actually a doctor (so important to the jewish mother), in the process of converting and becoming one of the tribe. I guess it is alright for a jew to lie on the Sabbath. He of course plays along with the lie and there is even a “really funny” joke about circumcision. Hilarious.
#JewishPrivilege at its finest.

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