Monday, July 6, 2020

Black Woman Steals White Woman’s Dog and Viciously Assaults Her With It

Remember when Amy Cooper was walking her dog in Central Park when a Black man appeared to threaten their well-being? It was right before the George Floyd PsyOp hit. Cooper got scared and called the police on the Black man. She was called the Central Park Karen for her “hysterical” behavior and fired from her job for daring to call the police on an angry Black man who had it out for her and her dog.
Well, perhaps fearing for the safety of oneself and one’s dog around an angry Black person is completely justified. Recent footage emerged of a Black woman, perhaps “protesting” in the middle of a street, stealing a White woman’s dog, dangling it around in the air while it is strangulated by its collar, and swinging it at the owner, who tries desperately to get her poor pet back. The cruelty seen her is unimaginable for most people.
This is not even close to being an isolated incident of black cruelty towards dogs. During the recent rioting, some Black people stole a dog from a rescue yard and killed it on live TV.
Seeing this kind of abuse really gets me angry. I know White people abuse animals too (what do you think animal agriculture entails?), but there seems to be some kind of extra animosity between Blacks and dogs, or at least a complete lack of compassion with some of these people. It starts young, too.
We also shouldn’t forget the famous case of Michael Vick, and how we just did not understand his “cultural” upbringing, which led him to run a massive dog fighting ring.

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