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Multiple Killings in Nigeria’s Kaduna State A recent wave of deadly attacks in the southern part of Nigeria’s restive Kaduna State has brought the seemingly never-ending cycle of communal violence and impunity in the state back into focus. The media  reported that  gunmen killed at least 43 people between July 21 to 24 and that  178 people  were killed in the past 7 months across southern Kaduna communities. The police haven’t commented on the identity of the perpetrators or the motivations behind the attacks. The state governor claimed the  recent attacks  were carried out by armed bandits  terrorizing Nigeria’s northwest states , but  media reports  included witnesses attributing blame to a militia targeting southern Kaduna communities on ethnic grounds.   Kaduna State straddles the country’s ethnic and religious divide. Northern Kaduna’s population is largely Muslim and Hausa-Fulani, while southern Kaduna is predominantly Christian and home

The Truth About The Supposed Holocaust

Earlier this week, I received some emails asking me why do I "hate" the Jewish people; of course I quickly responded that they have not been ardently and carefully reading any of my articles.  However, I am given pause to wonder if they simply misunderstand my motives in thinking that I wish to see any harm fall upon the Jewish people.  Those who have known me for the past 6 years know that I wish not to see any real harm fall upon the heads of others but I seek to expose all injustices and the people behind such evil.  It just "happens" that most of the people behind all the evil in this world "happen" to be Freemasons, Elitist Jews, and the rest of mankind that they have convinced to go along with them on these evil plans.  Such plans like global enslavement to debt, starvation, famine, disease, wars, and any such evil that you can think of they are all behind it.  Yet, I have made several distinctions between the regular Jewish people and the Jewish Eli

‘Teetering on the edge of autocracy’: Trump critics warn of a ‘coup in the making’

Image Democracy advocates sounded immediate alarms Thursday morning after President Donald Trump floated the idea of delaying the November elections, citing mail-in voting and the unfounded threat of voter fraud. “This is a coup in the making,” warned Robert Weisman, president of Public Citizen, in response to Trump. “Voting by mail will not create a risk of fraud,” Weisman said. “In fact, voting by mail is an absolute necessity to ensure Americans can exercise their franchise amid a pandemic—which Trump has made dramatically worse through his utter incompetence and callous indifference to human life.” Groups like Common Cause noted that the president does not have the power to postpone the election date. 00:01 00:37 Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison pushed back on

The White Idiot Donald Trump just gave away the game on his November plan to manipulate the election results

Image This article was paid for by AlterNet subscribers. Not a subscriber?  Try us and go ad-free for $1 . Prefer to give a one-time tip?  Click here . Despite his most inflammatory tweet of the day, President Donald Trump does not plan on moving the date of the November election. As many observers pointed out, his post floating this idea came shortly after news of the devastating economic growth numbers for the second quarter were released, and he was almost certainly trying to change the subject (not that threatening democracy will play well with the electorate). But Trump is likely aware that he lacks the power to move the election, and there’s no sign that he’s seriously lobbying his congressional allies to do so, especially since they’d need House Democrats to agree. Yet his threat to democracy