Monday, June 22, 2020

White Females Are Being Viciously Attacked – No One Coming to Their Defense, Media Silent

Let me be clear, all White people are currently under serious assault, but I am just focusing on how White girls and women are being targeted in this piece. The videos you will see are appalling and heartbreaking. Perhaps the White females are being attacked by blacks due to issues of jealousy or maybe it is just pure racial hatred. Whatever the reason is, it apparent that these attacks are unprovoked. Oftentimes it is a whole gang that engages in the attack or at least cheers on as the victim is brutalized.
The jewish press tells us over and over again about how black people are being unfairly targeted in our society, but no one will deal with this issue. Just imagine the outrage that would ensue if just one of the following videos was of a gang of White men (or even White girls) ruthlessly beating a black girl. I am only covering a small amount of the videos that are out there. Because no one is covering these attacks, the majority of White people are relatively oblivious, which is exactly what our enemies want.
Where are our men to protect these girls? I know they cannot always be on the scene of every incident, but what about afterwards? Where are the men speaking up and doing something about the vicious and deadly assaults constantly taking place? Are they too afraid of being called “racist”? The “right wing” dissidents online will blame White females for being the cause of our civilizational collapse, when they are being victimized. Subversive degenerates at the Daily Stormer will applaud these attacks and say that these “THOTs” are getting what they deserve. These White girls and women have no one to protect them, no one to advocate for them, and no one to avenge them. This needs to change.
When is it going to be enough?
Recently a White girl in Australia was badly injured when attacked by a group of black girls on their way back from a BLM protest. Because the story started going viral online, mass media outlets picked up on it, but did not mention the race of the attackers or the fact that they were young BLM blacktivists.
Many of these videos you will see just speak for themselves. Honestly, we don’t need context.
The following video comes from Portugal.

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