Wednesday, June 24, 2020

White Boys Are Being Brutally Beaten by Nigger Thugs

Yesterday I put together a post about how White females are being targeted for vicious assault.
Of course some subversive manosphere goons try to say that these girls deserved it because they were lefties, because they were fraternizing with blacks, because they didn’t have guns, etc. This is infuriating to no end. I doubt, however, that these idiots will be making the same comments about how White boys getting beaten could “wake them up” and set them on the right path.
Any of our people being brutalized like this – men, women, children, elderly – is absolutely unacceptable. If the races were reversed, any single one of these incidents would spark international outrage and likely lead to rioting.
We must show our people what is happening to them in the real world, here and now, and get them to stop feeling guilt for things that happened hundreds of years ago, like jewish-orchestrated black slavery. Whites were once enslaved as well, and if trends continue unabated, we will end up enslaved again very soon.
Actually, we already enslaved to political correctness, and forced to give our hard-earned money over to non-Whites in welfare and give our jobs over to “diversity” hires. We are less than second-class citizens at this point. When White people are injured or murdered, it is irrelevant. White Lives Do NOT Matter to the people ruling over us.
If White lives did matter, you would have seen these videos all over the mass media.
There are so many more examples, but I feel like this should be enough. Post any other videos you have found in the comments.

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