Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ukraine Busts “Christchuch Mosque Attack-Inspired” National Socialist Cell

Ukraine's secret service is claiming to have stopped a National Socialist cell during its investigation into the distribution of the Christchurch shooters' manifesto.
Last year it was revealed a National Socialist in Ukraine was distributing the document through an online messaging app channel, which was set up two days after the March 15 attacks.
The forum openly praised the Christchurch gunman and used the messaging platform to distribute a Ukrainian-translated version of his document.
Ukraine's ambassador Dmytro Senik vowed to prosecute anyone distributing the material; saying an investigation would take time but Ukraine had the legislation to prosecute those holding or copying the document.
In a statement published on 17 June, the country's secret service said it discovered guns, ammunition and explosives during raids in Ukraine's two largest cities Kyiv and Kharkiv.
Photographs appear to show a man being arrested and a clandestine printing room with stacks of books wrapped in paper.
The secret service also claims to have seized National Socialist propaganda, computers and receipts confirming international deliveries.
It says an investigation into suspected terrorism continues.
The Christchurch shooter Branton Tarrant's document, which quickly spread on 8chan after the Christchurch attacks, has been classified as objectionable in New Zealand.
It is illegal to distribute or even possess a copy of the document without applying for explicit permission from the Chief Censor.

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