Sunday, June 28, 2020

The Unlikely Rise Of A Third Political Party

Ever since the end of the presidency of George H.W. Bush, the Republican Party has been at conflicts with both their base and the establishment of the top party leaders.  The northern leaders of the party was much more socially liberal and fiscally pragmatic about economics, budgets, and are able to compromise for the sake of governing.  This is the party that the first Bush presidency represented. However, the southern base of the party is still filled with much of the southern confederacy that refuses to abandon the known failures of "racial" politics.  It is this very portion of the party that gave rise to the known white idiot and future failure of a president named Donald Trump as he was able to masterfully manipulate the party into enabling his narcissistic ways.  Trump was able to use the "white man anger" from the failed 2013 plans of John McCain and Marco Rubio to grant amnesty to millions of undocumented migrants or illegal immigrants to ride that wave of white anger to his current and soon to end role as POTUS.  However, in despite of the dark 4 years of the Trump presidency, the Republican Party faces a critical junction in their history.  Will they become the party of Abraham Lincoln or will they continue down the dark and failed road of racial politics?  I am hopeful and I firmly believe that the southern Republicans will split off and form their own party. This party will look very much like the current"Tea Party"; a movement of mostly white idiots who wiill keep on with the nonsensical ramblings of "limited government" except when they actually need government assistance.  It will be a difficult upcoming few years for the Republican Party but the future for the party will be bright once they abolish the white idiots iin their movement and embrace moderate reforms to their party that doesn't rely on useless racial conspiracy theorists and so called white nationalists.   The Democrats have already managed to incorporate elements of Progressivism and the platform of the Democratic Socialists.  For the record, I considered myself an "Extreme Centrist" whose ideas are a blend of radical liberal and radical conservative ideals, ideals that I will elaborate on when my book The Eugenics Dogma is released after my upcoming death.  Till then, I speak to the actual sane members of the Republican Party to rise up and simply vote out the racial elements of your party and make your party one of sanity.  Yes, you will lose a lot of members but isn't it worth it to have members based on positive principals than having members who you know will ultimately destroy everything that could be great about your party?  I am hopeful and positive that in the end, history shall vindicate my words and that like many things, I will be proven right iin my hypothesis. 

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