Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Rise And Fall Of Donald Trump

First, I would like to thank anyone who is reading this article that I wrote as I have been working on it for the past few weeks; but before I continue I must speak on a more current and personal matter.  It has come to my attention, from many sources, that all my activities all over the internet is being greatly monitored following both the calamities throughout the world and the current crisis going on throughout the United States.  From the moment that I began my works of social activism on social media, since 2014, I have known that I will ultimately die from sacrificing my very life as a martyr to speak the words of truth for those who have had their voices stolen from them after centuries of mass oppression.  I am a pacifist by nature, which means that if someone comes after me to arrest me or to kill me I will not put up a defensive front for I gave my very soul to the Lord, God last year.  I know that I will be judged both by what I have done onto others but also what I have left undone and of those points I am very certain that I did all that I could to the best of my abilities to make the world better for future generations to come.  I do not advocate violence against anyone; all I simply do is report on the world's current events with the subjective interpretation of the truth based on what I see around me.  Obviously, this upsets a lot of people but in the end, history and justice will vindicate me and my soul already belongs to the Lord, God and He is all that I truly fear in this world and not the words, works, threats, and promises made by humans and man-made systems.  As I have told many before me and those to come in the future, if what I publish upsets you, I promise you that it will not affect your day to day affairs as I do not own weapons, nor am I a part of any political, religious, ethnic, or social organization.  I do what I do out of whatever I can afford and I do not seek any kind of revenue from what I do.  All I do is hope that someone reads the truth as to the people ruining the world around us all and for mankind to unite as one and live under the Peace of God and embrace the blessings of forgetfulness (I will post that very meaning at the end of this article).  In my works as a journalist and a writer, I am currently writing my legacy entitled The Eugenics Dogma about how mankind can learn to live well into the future.  I hope that it touches the lives of others and gives them new found hope and peace that has not existed since the dawn of mankind's creation. 

Now, onto the main cause of the title of this very article.  At this very moment, June 25, 2020 the world feels as if it is at a crossroad, torn between trying to hang onto a deadly past or to embrace a new future of renewed opportunity.  The protests that began over the killing of George Floyd, a "black" man killed thanks to police brutality soon gave way to more protests thanks to the covid-19 pandemic.  However, I am here to remind people that the seed for such discontent came as early as 2008 during the rise of the first "black" president Barack Obama.  Those who know me know that I am opposed to the continued system of a 2 party system and wish for a more democratic and open political process where all voices can be heard within America's current system that often gets silenced due to the nature of discussions.  Such is not the way of any free society or free world but alas that might be another discussion for another time.  Obama came to power after promising "change" to come in the land but he quickly realized that the corporate/for profit nature of American society in all facets from business, education, healthcare, culture, etc makes such a realization merely a dream and an afterthought. For over 400 years the so called black americans have been fighting for freedom and equality only to realize that it is merely a pipe dream as the nation holds onto the false notion of race in the first place.  We were all created by the same God, who gave us all similar gifts and talents as he did with the animals that came before us.  He has given mankind all that it needs to thrive but a very small select group of people have corrupted mankind to do evil and as such, humans have turned to greed and deceit to justify the lie of having to pay any "money" to live on this planet.  Obama promised change that never came but at least the nation remained somewhat united until the elections of 2012 when he won thanks to the "latino" vote. 

Of course, the Republicans saw that the party could not win thanks to a loss of the second largest ethnic group in the nation as over 77 percent of Latinos voted for Obama.  Thus came Marco Rubio and John McCain with plans to give amnesty to the "illegal aliens", mostly of Latino heritage, a pathway to citizenship.  Those who know me, also know that I do not believe any human to be an "illegal" resident of any land as all lands were created by God and since we are merely occupying His own creations, we cannot take what was never ours to begin with.  Of course, so called nationalism would say otherwise but the truth is that nationalism is yet another divisive force that was created by humans to keep them away from God and from accepting the Peace of God.  Now, once Rubio and McCain tried to do this, a group of "white" Republican voters denounced this as "amnesty for law breakers" and put major pressure on the party to not pass any kind of immigration reform in 2013.  This has long been an issue of mistrust between the base of the Republican party and the establishment members of the party who prefer to compromise for the sake of governance and compromise.  It was this very climate that led to the rise of Donald Trump as a no-name "politician" who used this very opportunity to run for office.  He knew that the political system was weak due to the electoral college votes and that without even having the support of the vast majority of people, he could be president; it was also helped that his opponent in 2016 was a female who most Americans did not trust so he knew that he needed to win only a few swing states to win.  And his rise to power will be remembered as one of opportunity, but also one of entertainment and wasted chances.  For the past 4 years, I have had the blessed chance of documenting his presidency as nothing more than entertainment and cannon fodder but I never thought that he could lose the 2020 election until Covid-19 and the economic disaster that came.  The truth is that there is plenty of good within the souls of the American people.  They took me in as an immigrant, taught me, cared for me, and helped me succeed to the point of where I am in this life (not to take any credits from The Lord as all glory always goes onto him).  When people had a chance to stop working, sit at home, talk about all the "racial" and economic injustices that they were going through and finally saw the graphic death of George Floyd, they knew that they had to risk their very lives to let the world know that the current economic and political system has to change.

Despite my desire to want to see hope for mankind I remain pessimistic since this very society refuses to reform so many things about their world until the suffering becomes too much.  Still, I have great hope that the future will be bright for Americans as the younger generations (those 45 and younger) are rejecting the failures of so called racialized politics and realizing that we are all of one blood, created by the same God and that unless we put an end to an evil system through courage and a sense of civic duty we can make the national leaders take the moral and courageous high ground and stand up to the corporate infrastructure that has robbed them of all that they hold dear.  It was this very strategy that Donald Trump and all his supporters (I call them all "white" idiots as they have shown their low IQ number to even believe that race even exists in the first place) did not foresee; a younger generation getting involved due to watching, discussing, and analyzing all the struggles that they face on a daily basis.  That is of course not to even mention the mental, emotional, and psychological anguish of watching those you love die from a virus that you are unable to defend yourself from (I caught the disease in February 2020 and the Lord in all his glory saved my life once again and to that I owe him everything).  There are so many stories that I published on my own social media pages of ordinary Americans dying due to not having health insurance and being left to die on the streets due to not being able to afford healthcare.  My rallying cry for years is that no one should have to pay for what God has given you: healthcare, education, shelter, food, clothing, and housing for mankind iis far evolved at this stage in our existence to force humans to make such a painful choice.  It broke my heart to see a young father with 2 children and his wife crying because they had to make the painful decision to not work for fear of spreading the virus to his family or to work so that they didn't get kicked out of their homes and starve to death.  If more people had the same spirit to stand up, with courage, and say to the false leaders of this land and their false ideals and idols that we will no longer pay taxes or pay any bills and we will simply let ourselves die until there are tangible reforms that makes this society more equitable for them and future generations to come. 

This is what gives me hope that there will be change in this land and it will be all thanks to Donald Trump and his failures to divide the American people on the false notions of race as now the so called whites and the so called blacks are united in fighting for their very future.  Now, keep in mind, I am fiercely against the Black Lives Matters movement and fiercely against reparations as I do not believe that opening up wounnds of past injustices will solve anything.  All I wish is for all humans to sit down, acknowledge that we have all sinned against each other and we have the sin guilt hanging around our necks, but we can move forward as one, living for each other, accepting the Peace of God (as commanded by Christ) and make this world a better one for future generations to come.  I hope that someone reads this article and remembers it long after Donald Trump is defeated on November 3, 2020 and a better future for all Americans will come.  Maybe, at that point, the Republican Party will abandon all forms of racial politics for I actually like some of their platform ideas but I know that it isn't a party that cares for the suffering of those around them (for the record the Democrats are just as bad if not worse).  I now end this long article with a quote from the book, The Once and Future King by T.H. White.  If you can understand the simplicity of this quote and its message, you are already far advanced than most humans on this planet and you are in a prime position to prosper under the guide and assistance of The Lord.

“The blessing of forgetfulness: that was the first essential. If everything one did, or which one’s fathers had done, was an endless sequence of Doings doomed to break forth bloodily, then the past must be obliterated and a new start made. Man must be ready to say: Yes, since Cain there has been injustice, but we can only set the misery right if we accept a status quo. Lands have been robbed, men slain, nations humiliated. Let us now start fresh without remembrance, rather than live forward and backward at the same time. We cannot build the future by avenging the past. Let us sit down as brothers, and accept the Peace of God.”

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