Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Only Systemic Racism in America is Against White People

Sure, there are some good, old-fashioned “racist” White people in America. They are simply realistic, honest, and able to clearly perceive racial differences, despite all of the indoctrination that race is just a social construct. However, none of these people are actually in any real positions of power in this country. If any White person actually says anything even remotely “racist” in the US, he or she is immediately fired, showing that this system actually has zero tolerance for White people not hating themselves. This system is 100% anti-White. Anyone who says otherwise is either completely deluded or a professional anti-White who makes a living inverting reality.
There actually are supremacists running this system, but they are not White. The people running the show are jewish supremacists, and despite supportng “anti-racists” outside of Israel, these jews are actually the most “racist” people in the whole world, considering themselves to be “chosen” by Yahweh to lord over all the people of the world.
jews speak openly about their superiority amongst themselves, while founding and leading Black organizations like the NAACP. They probably think the “schwarzes” are too stupid to realize what jews really think of them, learn the real history of how jews ran the trans-Atlantic slave trade, or see how blacks are being used as a proxy army for jews, to their own detriment in the long run. There have certainly been a number of black people who have seen the game being played, but if they became too influential, they were “neutralized.”
It should not take a rocket scientist to figure out that jews are the ones in power, playing both sides in almost every conflict. They are the ones who have the most “privilege” In America. Unfortunately when most people look at the jews who control corporations, banks, Hollywood, academia, political organization, etc. they see “White” people. They do not realize that these people are not White, absolutely abhor real White Europeans, and are the driving force behind the destruction of White civilization.
jews are the ones behind the flooding of America with non-Whites. jews are the ones behind the lies about “White privilege.” jews are the ones who promote the cultural marxist theories in every institution. jews are the ones censoring all online debate, so that only the voices they endorse are even heard. The ADL is embedded in every major tech company and makes sure that no White “racism” or “anti-semitism” ever lasts long on the internet.
Tell me, if White people really had any control over this system, why would the following ever occur?
  • Through affirmative actio, White people are put last in line for entrance into a school or applying for a job. This directly reduces the opportunities White people have and amount of money White people can earn, which of course results in smaller White families. Whites have to work harder than everyone else in order to succeed because the system is discriminating against White people based solely on race.
  • White people are projected to soon be a minority in America. The anti-Whites constantly gloat about it. The southern border is an absolute joke and anyone who gets into the country is given loads of tax dollars in welfare, most of it coming from struggling White workers.
  • If a White person says anything positive about his or her race, the entire system turns against this person. He or she is hounded and almost always fired. Seriously, every other race is encouraged to be proud of who they are, but if a White person has “White pride,” then he or she is essentially a terrorist according to this system. The only acceptable position for a White person to take is to hate themselves, grovel at the feet of non-Whites, and beg forgiveness.
  • Almost every major corporation in the United States made statements in support of ending “racism” (from White people) and supporting Black Lives Matter, which claims that the “system” (which involves all of these corporations) is inherently racist. It is beyond me how anyone involved in a “revolutionary” movement like BLM could actually think they are going against the system when the vast majority of companies are supporting their cause.
  • White people cannot organize as a group. Black movements are celebrated. Asian student unions are great. Jewish solidarity is completely kosher, of course. However, try to do anything that is for White people and you will be enemy #1 of the system.
  • Crimes against White people are constantly happening, as White are disproportionately targeted by other races, especially blacks. Violent attacks are sometimes crimes of opportunity, but often they are motivated by racial hatred, which is indoctrinated in black youth from an early age by community leaders and malicious media. However, we never hear about any of these crimes, as they might be mentioned once or twice on local media and then sent down the memory hole. Every excuse in the books is used to forgive black criminality. Meanwhile, all a “White” woman has to do is call the police on a black man who she thought was threatening her dog and the story becomes an international scandal.
Sorry for the poor quality with the next infographic, but it’s hard to find good copies of these images anymore since any facts are scrubbed from “the system.”
You know who has real, undeserved privilege in this country? Well, of course the jews, but we already know that. What people often fail to see is just how privileged blacks have become, all thanks to jewish influence.
I could go on, but I think you get my point. All actual evidence points to this system being completely anti-White. This is why the masters of deception have to create hoax events involving “racist” police or blow stories entirely out of proportion. They do not deal in facts, but rather play on people’s emotions with fabricated narratives from the past and present, so they can bring us to a future where White people are completely under control and eventually eliminated entirely. This is what they mean by ending White supremacy.
They do not want White people to have any control over our destiny whatsoever, but this is not up to them to decide. It is up to us whether we will resurrect our people and reach new heights of glory. The system might be against us, but once more of our people realize this, we will be able to finally overcome this oppression. White people have been the greatest warriors in the history of the world. We have been the inventors, the artists, the philosophers. We have the power, if we only can find the courage to save ourselves from destruction.

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