Friday, June 26, 2020

Protests Are Showing That Voting Doesn't Work

As I continue to cover the ongoing protests that began over mistreatment of so called Black Americans that then turned to calls to defund the police has caused much of American society to begin to have these discussions; it has also shown why voting in so called democracies and republics do not work.  Voting has already shown that the candidates will say what they want to say to win over the most gullible people but in order to affect any real change you will have to protest, peacefully, topics and subjects to bring the issues(s) of injustices to the front of the world.  It has always taken those with a courageous spirit to step out of the shadows of the world and bring to light the problems of any society in a bit to not destroy such systems but to improve upon their weak points to make it a more equitable society for all people.  Now, if politicians were held accountable and term limits did exist to forbid them from running multiple terms maybe things might change, but the real change would be to get money completely out of politics so that people do not make it a career and thus, they cannot take contributions from anyone.  People would be forced to use their own resources free from outside influences to run their campaigns.  I believe the later to be a form of wishful thinking, but who knows anymore as I may be drifting towards the embrace of anarchy?  In the end, we will have to see what form the protests take but at least the conversations that it is sparking in everyday lives of ordinary people is something that might be the hope that mankind needs to continue to evolve well into the 21st century.

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