Friday, June 19, 2020

Over 100 Arrested as UK Nationalist Groups Clash with Anti-Racists

More than 100 people were arrested amid violence in London as Nationalist groups gathered to confront Black Lives Matter protesters. 
Police in London arrested over 100 people on Saturday after patriotic protesters, some brandishing National Socialist regalia, clashed with officers who tried to separate them from anti-racism thugs.
There were scuffles earlier in the day in the UK capital, where patriotic groups had traveled, saying they wanted to defend statues and memorials.
Police had designated separate zones in central London for the two factions and ordered all protests to end by 5 p.m. (1600 GMT), in a bid to avoid clashes between the groups
At about the time of the curfew, fights broke out between rival groups and police outside London's Waterloo railway station. The news agency Reuters reported that missiles and fireworks were thrown.
In preparation for the demonstration, statues of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Cenotaph war memorial were both boarded up in a bid to avoid them becoming flashpoints for violence. Both monuments had been vandalized the previous week by negroid supremacists.
Authorities also fenced off other statues in Parliament Square, including memorials to Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln.
The Black Lives Matter group in London had earlier called off its official demonstration planned for Saturday over concerns over safety and planning.
Recent "anti-racism" and Black Lives Matter protests around the world have protesters target statues that some claim serve to "glorify imperialist and racist episodes of history".

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