Friday, June 5, 2020

Operation Alaska: A Solution To The Black Problem In America

For the past 10 days, life in America has been shook due to so called racial protests over mistreatment of black men and white police officers.  America has a history of so called racial instabilities for hundreds of years that has never really went away and probably never will.  Racism is a human flaw, a human flaw that is based on the false notions that there is even a white race, or a black race, or a latino race, or an asian race and other so called races of people.  The truth is that we were all created by God in His image and He gave all human beings food, water, clothing, shelter, education, and healthcare just like He gave the same to all the animals that he created.  However, due to the lies of a very small group of people (white idiots, white freemasons, and Jews) that have managed to trick the vast majority of human beings to believe the lies and for the sake of corruption and greed, we have the current system that we have now.  I have been working since 2009 to stop this evil and injustices through my work on my website and talking to many others to convince them to take up arms, kill off all humans, and end all existence.  Thankfully with the advent of climate change, this world will cease to exist in the next 100 years so my plans has changed to encourage mankind to NOT embrace climate control so that all humans can die off and this world can finally end. 

However, i have digressed into my future plans to end this world and I must get back to the matter at hand, the foolish and idiotic ways of the so called blacks and whites in America.  After the Civil War, the federal government could have forced all Americans to abandon the false notions of so called race as it is merely a fictitious construct but the vast majority of American people continued to show themselves as beyond hope and beyond stupid to be helped.  So, the status quo of race quotas, racial divides, and so called racism to continue without a full implementation of any kind of social justice for the newly freed slaves in a land of the so called free (a term coined by Jews, White Idiots, and White Freemasons).  Since that year in 1865, the so called blacks have been living in limbo, in a land where they were never wanted and are merely tolerated but openly discriminated against; which only ended the legal discrimination thanks to the so called Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s, about a hundred years later. For almost 70 years, the so called blacks continue to face police brutality, live in the worst sections of the nation, with no future and no chance at an equitable life due to their own stupidity to stay in a land where they were never wanted and their mere presence is only tolerated because they can't be killed off due to their so called racial numbers. 

Back in 2014, I proposed a solution for the blacks for all the problems that they are facing in America.  It was a very controversial idea, but the blacks resisted the idea but now some of them are listening and those who refuse to listen are simply going to be killed off like they have long deserved a long time ago.  The state of Alaska is an area of the United States full of rich resources that is also isolated from the rest of the 48 lower states.  It is rich in oil resources and would fill the void of reparations for the so called blacks as they would get some kind of a return for the centuries of slavery and the after effects of a failed attempt to end racial injustices.  Of course, most white idiots will resist this but this would make plenty of sense because most so called whites don't want racial equality with the so called blacks and latinos; also, the blacks still think that they have an actual future in America, in a land where they were never wanted in the first place.  That is why it will take extreme force and forced relocation of all native born African Americans (not African immigrants) to Alaska which will also result in mass deaths but it would be the final solution to the racial problems in the land.  This has to be the solution since the vast majority of Americans remain too stupid, useless, and beyond pathetic to take up arms and demand by right an end to the economic enslavement of paying to live on this planet and for an end to false racial classifications that would end all racial quotas and allow for the ultimate progress that ALL Americans are equal and there is no such thing as a race within the human species.  It will take courage to implement  Operation Alaska since there is a lack of political willpower in the useless land that I call Jewmerica to implement my vision for the future.  So, I wait, and I plot for the end of all existence by openly using violent calls, violent tactics, and violent remarks to ignite as much rioting, violence, killing, and destruction so that America dies off and this entire world dies off with it!

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