Friday, June 26, 2020

Nonviolence and Non Cooperation Are The Only Answers

I would like to thank those who read my previous writings yesterday on the rise and fall of the soon to be former president Donald Trump; it was my pleasure to try and spin a more positive light on the eventual downfall of an individual who had no business leading any nation due to his failures both as a businessman and an individual.  But I have moved on, as I quickly do, to other plans to galvanize the voiceless amongst us all to take courage and heed my words of warning and encouragement.  Even in the midst of chaos and anarchy, we must still take the mantle of hope; for it is hope that is the greatest power that we have as human beings.  For once our hope (and our health) is gone, we truly have nothing left to live for and the thoughts and actions of self destruction takes over our lives and the lives of those we love. It is that hope that I sincerely try to keep alive in all of mankind, to take heed that the future for humanity is still bright, but only if we take courage of the fact that we are the vast majority of the world and that those who do good far out number those who seek to do evil.  I still have faith and hope that good will always triumph over evil for in my own life, I face obstacles everyday simply to get up out of bed, yet I find it within myself to do this for it is what my Lord and Savior requires of me to make this world a better, safer place.  Yet from the moment that I began my process of self awakening, I have known that I do not have much time left on this planet as I will inevitably be silenced by the evil doers of this world.  Yet I often ask myself why am I considered a threat?

My message has always been that of peaceful coexistence, that we who follow Christ must inspire others to drop their sinful ways and embrace the peace of God in their very lives.  That means that my message of brotherhood and that no human should pay to live on this planet must be the way forward for mankind to achieve true evolution.  Yet the evil doers has managed to convince the vast majority of humans to go along with such disastrous ideas.  Still, there is a mass growing, a mass awakening of younger generations who have seen the folly and the errors made by previous generations and have determined to try and rectify those methods.  As the nation began to peacefully protest (do not be deceived by the "media" who made a major issue of rioters, looters, and anarchist), it has given me hope that my message of non violent, non cooperation is the key.  For as other Americans saw how their own police (it is really an agency of Israeli trained operatives) have abused the power that their own communities gave them, they have begun to embrace some reforms to this society.  It has given me hope that maybe, just maybe, there can be some form of progress in this world towards rewriting past crimes by not focusing on the past, but on fixing the problems of the present to make the future a better one.  When the cops, guards, etc attack you, do not be afraid to stand there and allow them to beat you.  For they will ultimately batter your body but know that your soul already belongs to the Lord and He has already made plans for you to be with him as one of His Elect.  I can only hope that my soul is redeemed in the afterlife as one of His Elect or that my words can save the very soul of another human being, to draw them closer to The Lord and to begin to fight against all evils and injustices facing this world.  I have long known that I will lose my life for merely speaking these words of truth and I am sadly unable to join in any of these protests due to the serious health issues I face as both a diabetic and a survivor of severe pneumonia.  If it wasn't for these issues, I would be out on the streets also peacefully protesting an unjust system.

However, I write and encourage others to uplift their voices, to not live in fear, to not be afraid of any human that will harm their body or the bodies of their loved ones.  For the sacrifice that is made in the present will be to make a better future for all of mankind.  I seek not to abolish any systems, merely to raise up the calls for reforming and bettering all systems to serve all human beings, not only a few select group of people that I call subhumans for they are against everything human as they serve the Devil and all of his evil ways.  If this message of non violence and non cooperation as a strategy is a threat, then you have to ask yourself: why have I let such dark and evil forces control my mind and turn my mind against my fellow human beings.  For I have said for almost a decade that there are far more things that unite human beings than what ultimately divides them.  And to focus on such divisions allows our enemies to keep us from achieving true evolutionary progress.  Still, I bring forth the good news that if global warming is true, then the Lord has already won the battle for our souls and for this very planet.  Maybe it might be global warming that will make mankind realize how greatly they have upset Their Creator.  I fear by the time mankind sees this very truth, their fate might become sealed in the judgment of the Lord as it was Him who created this world and He holds final say over the ultimate fate of us all.  So I leave you with these words: be not afraid to speak up against any form of injustice that you witness, do not fear the consequences of peacefully protesting, do not fear the consequences of non cooperation with people who you feel are morally wrong; but fear only the One who can destroy your very soul that is eternal.  If these words can inspire even a single soul to take up the mantle of courage to raise their voice to address those who are doing evil onto others, then this very message has been a true success!

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